5 Iconic Jeans Every Woman Should Own

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is hard to come by. And when we do find them, you can’t get us out of them. But wearing the same style of jeans can often makes us feel like we’re wearing the exact same outfit a hundred times over. The trick to wearing denim every day isContinue reading “5 Iconic Jeans Every Woman Should Own”

70s Inspired Outfit – Styling Flare Jeans

The push to purchase only 100% cotton denim started months back when I felt fed up of the annual repurchase of expensive jeans and the waste of cash spent on denim that do not last you a long time. But with the South African market still being a couple seasons behind the international trend, stretchContinue reading “70s Inspired Outfit – Styling Flare Jeans”

Add Colour into your Wardrobe – 3 Easy Ways

From my high school emo days to my continued the-darkness-lives-within-me style mood, I’ve always strayed from indulging in brighter colours for the fear of being seen or maybe not taken seriously; but whatever the reason be for you not indulging yourself, here are a few ways to venture into the playful way of styling brighterContinue reading “Add Colour into your Wardrobe – 3 Easy Ways”

Styling Mom Jeans – 3 Easy Outfits

If you’ve read my previous blog post you’ll know that I’ve recently got my hands on a pair of light wash denims in my search to find 100% cotton jeans in South Africa. The only pair that I had managed to find happened to be your basic mom jeans, which by the way, is notContinue reading “Styling Mom Jeans – 3 Easy Outfits”

Fall Fashion Inspiration – Autumnal Hues and Colour Mood

The end of winter in Cape Town does feel like fall in a lot of ways. Cold winds and rainy days leave us feeling all too moody and in that cozy up feeling of staying in bed longer than we should and drinking copious cups of comforting warm beverages to soothe the winter away. ButContinue reading “Fall Fashion Inspiration – Autumnal Hues and Colour Mood”

Minimalist Fashion – 5 Wardrobe Staples

Okay, so here’s the part where I tell myself “You literally have no style” because these basic pieces are essentially my most worn pieces, if I can get away with it. Blue Jeans – Growing up, I’ve always been into black skinny jeans and I’m sure I will go back to it in a coolerContinue reading “Minimalist Fashion – 5 Wardrobe Staples”