Styling Mom Jeans – 3 Easy Outfits

If you’ve read my previous blog post you’ll know that I’ve recently got my hands on a pair of light wash denims in my search to find 100% cotton jeans in South Africa. The only pair that I had managed to find happened to be your basic mom jeans, which by the way, is not my personal style preference on myself. If you can pull these off then my hat goes off to all of you because it’s not easy to look good in these (I speak for myself here). In fact, they are probably the most unflattering pair of jeans I’ve ever worn. They give a lot of bulk in awkward places with a mass of fabric residing particularly in the crotch area (can I say crotch?). I also seem to be missing a leather belt from my current wardrobe so these do slip down the waist, giving the illusion of more weight around my thighs. But with all that said, they are still pretty darn comfortable even as zero stretch denim and its thicker material, I’m still reaching for these jeans every morning.





I genuinely thought I’d be wearing my unwanted mom jeans with basic sneakers and a simple white tee but funny enough, found myself experimenting more with heels and blazers for something leaning a bit more formal, and generally more versatile than a casual look. Enter my first pair of Timberland boots I’ve ever bought, which were a bit more than I could afford at the time, now being somewhat of a staple in my wardrobe, especially since wearing these jeans. I find the extra height helps to slim down the jeans a bit, a look a much rather prefer on myself and I feel I could still wear a t-shirt or something casual on the top, like this Adidas sweater. It’s still pretty casual in a way but I feel a bit more done up wearing these boots as opposed to wearing flats or sneakers.





My favourite outfit though has to be this Zara (slash Chanel “inspired”) tweed top with these light wash jeans. There’s just something about the colour scheme that paired perfectly, even though I lean more neutral on an everyday basis, I find this look to be formal enough for meetings yet casual enough for coffee hangouts. It’s a tweed tee that’s a lot more than an actual t-shirt but the boxiness of it works for a more relaxed look, albeit not the most comfortable of fabric to have you feeling relaxed (nor are the boots by the way). But this is about style after all, and the confidence you exude through any look that generates onto those around you. And yes, you could be wearing old battered sneakers and that vintage tee and be giving off the exact same effect, but these boots for me are what give these jeans that push towards something more than your typical mom jeans. It’s all in the way you feel.







Photography by Lindsey Fourie.

Jeans – Unseen Cape Town


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