Add Colour into your Wardrobe – 3 Easy Ways

From my high school emo days to my continued the-darkness-lives-within-me style mood, I’ve always strayed from indulging in brighter colours for the fear of being seen or maybe not taken seriously; but whatever the reason be for you not indulging yourself, here are a few ways to venture into the playful way of styling brighter pieces.

Start simple – accessories have a way of making or breaking an outfit. But having a brighter accessory to compliment your all black outfit or that monochrome look you’ve jumped on, is a fun way to sport something out of the ordinary. It adds interest and also a nonchalance that you just through something together instead of planning it out (even though we did but shh). This outfit is what I call a Colour Break, worn mostly with denim and a black or white something at the top, just to perk up a look if the mood calls for it.


I love everything about this bag, but I wonder whether I would have bought it for myself had my friend not gifted me with it. It’s strange how I rarely purchase colourful pieces even when I like the way it looks. I always feel like I wouldn’t wear it as much. I actually find this colour surprisingly wearable and seeing as I mainly wear black and blue denim, it’s so easy to pair with my everyday looks and adds that little bit of something to an outfit which now seems almost bland without it.




Another way I’ve incorporated a bit of colour into my everyday style is by buying pieces I actually know I’ll wear, even when the accent colour is neon yellow. Okay, I’m not going to lie, I’ve hesitated buying this t-shirt because it’s so darn yellow but my love for Nirvana and an ode to my teenage years made me buy this vintage tee in Japan. I almost wrote a whole blog post on vintage shopping in Japan all because I wanted to showcase this awesome t-shirt. But you’re seeing it now so that saves me on writing another style post.


Because the yellow is so stark against, err… everything, I’m most comfortable pairing this t-shirt with black trousers. You could alternatively just wear skinny jeans but I find the trousers add a touch of sophistication (if that’s even possible) and changes the look from street casual (slash lounge around the house eating junk food) to a slightly formal appearance. Can we call this business casual? But with a pair of loafers and hell, even a blazer and I can pull a meeting off in my PJs. I may have slept in this tee, once (or twice).





My last suggestion would be to just go bold. Screw it! Wear all the pinks and all the neons and just go for it. You’d be surprised at what you could pull of if you didn’t care what other people thought of it. I remember being so self conscious the day I wore a red lip to work. It felt so long ago but I still remember specifically getting coffee beforehand and people staring at me because obviously I was the only one wearing a bold red lip at 7 in the morning in a tiny coffee shop filled with businessmen. I felt incredibly awkward in that moment. But looking back on this now it seems so silly. Be bold! Be you! Be the girl in the pink blazer sporting a red lip and do it confidently. When you stop caring about what you look like to others, people stop caring to look.




Photography by Lindsey Fourie.

Black Trousers – Zara, Nirvana T-shirt – Small Change (Japan), Jeans – Unseen Cape Town, Loafers & Pink Blazer – & other Stories, Black High Neck, Brown Handbag & Grey Blazer – Local Korean stores in Seoul, Orange Bag – Gifted





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