Fall Fashion Inspiration – Autumnal Hues and Colour Mood

The end of winter in Cape Town does feel like fall in a lot of ways. Cold winds and rainy days leave us feeling all too moody and in that cozy up feeling of staying in bed longer than we should and drinking copious cups of comforting warm beverages to soothe the winter away. But seeing as our winter isn’t particularly harsh, I thought it perfect to do a fall mood inspired style post. The autumnal hues and deep shades of browns have been a recent love affair of mine and in the dark woody undertones of Cape Town’s coffee shops, something came to life.




It doesn’t seem like the in between season is here to stay, with our temperatures spiking rather quickly into summer-ish days, I wish I could waltz longer in this ensemble. It’s one of those looks where I find it difficult to pick a favourite piece, or when no one piece is the centre of attention but rather the outfit as a whole. Over complimented or not, these boots have come to be a staple in my autumn/winter collection and it may lean a tad bit matchy-matchy but I wouldn’t wear anything else. It’s just one of those things I always love to wear. A heel is always a confidence booster in my opinion and adds that touch of sophistication to any outfit. I feel quite put together wearing this look but it’s the colour mood that I’m in love with most.





I think I read somewhere that the French woman would never mix her brown shades with her black shades, and being so enamored with Parisian chic, I was playing a game of Could I? Should I? But the anarchist in me reveled in this hue of black on brown, that I could no longer think what the reason was for the French code of dress. Was code too strong a word for their effortlessly chic style? Maybe! But my love affair for these tones are deeply embedded in my caffeine addiction and the interior of coffee houses that play on these rich colours. It feels like we’re all telling a story, something dark, something broody and a touch of narcissism to feed the tortured writer.




Photography by Lindsey Fourie.

Boots from Timberland, Skirt and Black High Neck were purchased at local Korean stores in Seoul.

You can see more of how I play with these tones on my Instagram page here. Have a good day everybody!



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