Moving Back Home and Starting Over

Sitting on my old bedroom floor inside the house in which I grew up, with a mess of clothes next to me, all tangled into a large pile sat on top of my suitcase waiting to be given a home, I ask myself this question, Should I put my clothes into my old cupboards filled to the brim with dated pieces and old wedding gowns of the women before me, or should I put them back into that old suitcase, the one I drag through every street trying to find a place to keep, that old battered thing?

The self realisation and torment continues, the age old questions of where am I actually going and what am I actually doing. I am the mess itself and I am its uncertainty.

We don’t always know what we’re doing; something I’m learning as an adult.

No-one really does. But it’s finding the things we don’t want to do and the places we don’t want to be is itself a way of discovering where it is we need to be.


To me, this photo represents life in a new city, its new beginnings, interesting discoveries and the uncertainty that awaits you around every corner. It’s about always looking up, literally as well and seeing more than you usually would. It’s about being brave, about keeping your head up when you’re anxious and even when you’re afraid. Starting over is never easy. We all know this. But it’s where something inside of us, begins.





Photography by Lindsey Fourie.


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