“I thought there was no place in the fashion industry for someone who looked like me. So I started a blog”

Gameema is a muslim fashion blogger from South Africa who was very much interested in the world of fashion and modelling, but only dreamed on becoming a model at her on right, and on her own terms. Blogging gave her that freedom.

“I think I’ve wanted to be a blogger long before I even knew what it was called. With so many shared interests in the world of fashion, from runway, to editorial shoots, the eye of the photographer and the quirkiness of the writer. I was so invested in story telling that I wanted to be both the photographer and the model, the creative writer and the editor. I wanted to do everything and be everything. Basically I wanted to be Miranda Priestly, Andy and Emily all at the same time.”

With a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Media & Writing from the University of Cape Town, the blog About Gameema was established in 2015 with the intention to write consistently and habitually and to further develop and broaden her writing ability. And with her chosen path in the art of story telling, she was thrilled that the blog had also fostered in her an interest in photography, where her admiration for the fashion world began.

Inspired by Seoul’s unique street style, where she spent two years of her life teaching English, it is on these streets where Gameema found confidence in her identity as a young muslim woman living independently in a cosmopolitan city. It is also in this city, where she met her first photographer and friend Jeff Simone who supported her blogging journey and together, amassed a collection of street style photos that make up much of the blog’s photographic content.

But being in front of the camera, is where Gameema found within herself a new energy to create. This passion led her to pursue a career in modelling and by early 2019, she was signed to her first modelling agency in Cape Town. 

“As a muslim woman of colour, I find it in important that women like myself take up space in the fashion industry even if it feels uncomfortable, as the need for representation and inclusion becomes paramount”

But with the move back to South Africa, Gameema found herself experiencing culture shock in her home country. With a fresh start on a new career path, she was reminded what it was like to start something from the bottom. Struggling with her new identity as a model, and her old culture to adjust to, she remains determined on her path of self discovery. 

Even in a time of great uncertainty, she hopes to be a source of inspiration to young women around the world.

Still today, the blog About Gameema remains to be seen as a reflection of ones unique identity, passions and perseverance.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. It’s all good. Keep writing even if nobody takes the time to appreciate your blog. p.s. we both began blogging at the about the same time; June 15, so check out mine and see if we can swap ideas


    1. Thank you so much for this comment Rubina! I recently changed my blog design and removed all of the widgets. I’ll see what I can do about this next week. Have a good weekend and thanks for your support ❤

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      1. Your blog is very aesthetically pleasing and your content is very interesting so had to follow.

        Hope you can support a fellow blogger and follow back!

        Hope you have a lovely weekend too.

        With love,



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