Remembering Syria

What will you tell the world one day? How will we tell them the story, that there is no feeling left in us, that we no longer empathise the loss of blood from a child, that we no longer listen to the cries of our desperate mothers on our streets, that we don’t see these … More Remembering Syria

Boots in Seoul

Yip, world renowned pharmacy and make-up haven, Boots, have finally opened its doors on Myeongdong’s shopping street. And mahn am I pleased. Nothing to beat that work week stress like a good old retail therapy shopping spree. Not that I bought much but just a browse through the 3 floors of cosmetics & skincare is … More Boots in Seoul

K-Beauty Concealers

K-Beauty Concealers that cover all bases? Here are my picks! The corrector This Skinfood salmon dark circle concealer cream is definitely worth the try! It’s peachy undertone brightens up the under eye area which on my horrid dark circles, acts as a corrector rather than a concealer since it does not cover much. But it’s … More K-Beauty Concealers

Simple Summer Skin

Okay. It’s hot. Real hot. And I’m not going to start complaining about a harsh monsoon season because let’s face it, things can be much worse. Instead, I’ll just run through the few products I’ve been using to protect my skin and keep it looking hydrated this summer. Eye cream Yip! For someone in their late … More Simple Summer Skin


I miss the days we sat and sipped coffee – in the summer rain. The days when your t-shirt clung to your back on a damp spot, the bitter taste of consequence, the aftermath of bliss. I miss The wooden floor where we ran through dancing around the house, with the large open windows where … More Untitled