Coffee in Style

First I drink the coffee, then I do the things Recently I’ve been trying out various coffee shops in Seoul for a blog series that I’m doing. I’ve stumbled upon a few amazing places and because I couldn’t wait another week to do my monthly roundup I thought I’d share some photos with you as … More Coffee in Style

The Autumn Collection

My autumn collection is here – A capsule of makeup items to suit any autumnal look. My main focus in designing this collection stemmed from the ever changing leaves, bringing in that rich colour selection to the eyes, lips & cheeks. This is more of a classic autumnal makeup look, which can be tailored to … More The Autumn Collection


About a month ago I spent a day in Hong Kong. I had taken a ferry over Victoria Harbour and what a feeling! The breeze over your skin splashing you with droplets of water, a fresh feeling from the sweat of humidity that drips. An incredibly short ride but a moment I can’t forget. Because … More Memento

Love, Coffee

I sit alone here at a coffee shop, just another cup, but I think I’ll stay this time, maybe two if you don’t mind, as your hands move quietly from the sink to the filter and start again. You say nothing as I sit at the window, with the light streaming in, a head filled … More Love, Coffee