K-Beauty Concealers

K-Beauty Concealers that cover all bases? Here are my picks! The corrector This Skinfood salmon dark circle concealer cream is definitely worth the try! It’s peachy undertone brightens up the under eye area which on my horrid dark circles, acts as a corrector rather than a concealer since it does not cover much. But it’s … More K-Beauty Concealers

Simple Summer Skin

Okay. It’s hot. Real hot. And I’m not going to start complaining about a harsh monsoon season because let’s face it, things can be much worse. Instead, I’ll just run through the few products I’ve been using to protect my skin and keep it looking hydrated this summer. Eye cream Yip! For someone in their late … More Simple Summer Skin


I miss the days we sat and sipped coffee – in the summer rain. The days when your t-shirt clung to your back on a damp spot, the bitter taste of consequence, the aftermath of bliss. I miss The wooden floor where we ran through dancing around the house, with the large open windows where … More Untitled

The Road

Let me tell you about the place where I was found. Let me tell you about this little town, with its quiet streets and vacant shops, where old bicycles collect dust and stand outside, where the only signs of life are these brown trees and its rustling leaves. There beyond the city scope and border … More The Road

We, humanity

What the actual f**k America That was my initial reaction to the heart wrenching torture that I’m sure a lot of us felt as we watched in utter disbelief, with mouths wide open gasping for air, trying to cling on to our own rationality in the moments we stood witness to the day democracy failed … More We, humanity

Back to Basics

I don’t actually know how to begin this blog post so I opted to start off with this sad truth of a sentence. I read that you should never begin a post by stating your inability to do or to have done something so I guess I went against the laws of blogging.I kid! there … More Back to Basics