5 Iconic Jeans Every Woman Should Own

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is hard to come by. And when we do find them, you can’t get us out of them.

But wearing the same style of jeans can often makes us feel like we’re wearing the exact same outfit a hundred times over.

The trick to wearing denim every day is to purchase jeans in different styles so they create different looks.

In this post you’ll find 5 iconic jeans, all in different cuts, colours and textures to suit just about anyone and any occasion.


The Bootleg

If you have ever struggled to look taller, then you might be missing out on a style secret for petite girls and models who just don’t look like Karlie Kloss.

These are my favourite jeans to wear when I need an extra bit of height. They easily add inches to your length and give you an elongated silhouette.


An ode to the days of rock & roll, the kick flare jeans bring back some amazing fashion memories from 70s style bellbottoms to the Olsen twins who swept the streets in these floor length jeans in the early 2000s.


Whether you’re going grungy or leaning more sophisticated, the bootleg flare is surprisingly versatile. 

The 501 Levi’s

Could this be fashion’s most iconic jeans?

Liv from Livbombs.com

From the days of counter cultures of the oversized white tee over a pair of Levi’s to our current Instagram blogger feeds, the 501s aren’t going anywhere.

Proven to be denim’s timeless classic, the relaxed boyfriend fit seems to hug everyone’s bottom just the right way.


It’s more of a cool look with this pair, as their style story is one of street fashion’s oldest identity.

Everyone and their mother has owned a pair, has passed down a pair and is still today wearing a pair. And since we are in the move towards sustainable fashion, the non-stretch denim pair of Levis’s will make its way from different closets around the globe and might just end up in yours.


The High Waisted Straight Leg 

Whether you’re going for that Cindy Crawford model look or the Parisian street style vibe, there are plenty of reasons why the straight leg will forever be in our wardrobes.

The classic cut lifts up our behind, sinches in our belly and the ever so slight crop at the ankles make us look taller without us even trying.


The thicker cotton adds a bit of weight which actually makes an outfit look more expensive. Not to mention, there’ll be no stretching in awkward places so the integrity of the denim will hold up over time. It’s chic, it’s effortless and it’s worth the investment.


The Mom Jeans

If you haven’t owned a pair of Mom Jeans then where have you been? They are by far the most comfortable pair of non-stretch denim.


The easy relaxed style makes for classic street style and lounging around the house. An ode to an absolute classic, think Lady Dianna, think 90s fashion, think holding your food baby into place, their comfort is what makes them fashion.


It may not be the most flattering pair of jeans and may not suit everyone’s taste, but when we feel comfortable in an outfit, that’s when we feel confident.


So go grab your classic black high neck, your blazer, your white shirt, or if you’re even remotely close to Princess Dianna, grab a sweatshirt and a peak cap and you’re on your way to becoming a style icon.


The Black Skinny

The go-to for so many of us rebelling in our teenage years, from dirty converse to leather jackets, band tees and sweat dripping the napes of our necks dancing in a crowd. From modern day punk music and absolutely suffocating ourselves in skinnies, the student life was made in these jeans.


Whether you had the life of the rebel or the life of the model (or both), I was the quiet emo girl in the corner, you could easily feel the nostalgia of youth in these jeans.


And though you might opt to style black trousers instead as you get older, you’ll always hold onto your black skinny jeans hidden somewhere at the bottom of your wardrobe, be it in an unopened drawer or stuffed in your cupboard below your ‘adult’ work attire, in an ashy tone stretched out at the knee and pulled apart at the bum, we hold on to them for the times we’ve had and the life we’ve lived.


So tell me, which of these iconic jeans do you own?


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