3 Pairs of Boots Every Woman Should Own

The fall and winter seasonal dressing can put a lot of us in a style rut as our focus turns more towards keeping warm rather than looking stylish. But there are ways to amp up our winter wardrobe, and wearing the right boots is one of them!

Shoes can either make or break an outfit. They also pose a struggle for those of us who aren’t so shoe-obsessed. There’s nothing worse than wearing a great outfit and not having the perfect shoe to match! 

Here’s a small collection of the basic and classic pairs of boots to suit every wardrobe and any occasion.

The Black Leather Stiletto Boots


Probably the most desired to perfect an outfit; the black heeled stiletto most certainly is a classic. Reminiscent of the heroine-chic era, they give off an Edie Sedgewick vibe, especially if you pair them with black tights and a mini dress.

But fashion on their own, they surpass every trend and will forever be sort after by fashionable women seeking an ode to an electric memory of upper class Rock n Roll. Wether you’re feeling artsy, classy or just wear heels on the everyday, they do elevate casual outfits and punk up more mundane ones.


The Textured Brown Boots

From various shades of the brown suede boot to the more bold animal prints, they often seem as the favourite alternative to the plethora of black boots that accumulate in our closets. Brown, though just as classic as a black pair, offer a softer hue to an outfit.


To me, the shade is perfect for the autumnal season as we are less gloomy than a harsh winter cold. They slide naturally into the transitioning wardrobe and become a statement piece to your more neutral sweater weather outfits.

The Chunky Winter Boots

By far the most functional boots for winter, the ever growing trend of big black chunky boots are here to stay. Go as big as you’re comfortable wearing, because these boots are definitely made for walking, even in the snow!


For me, these are the boots to invest in, as harsh winters could lead to slippery streets and ice cold feet that need all the insulation they can get. My favourite ones are actually not the designer trend making its rounds, but a more functional pair that will last you many winters to come.


Which pair will you invest in this winter?


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