5 Ways to Take Care of Sunburnt Skin

Dealing with sunburns can be a painful experience, and a tad embarrassing if we’re being honest. No-one wants to walk around with peeling skin, or a two-toned complexion. and trying to save your skin from falling off your face isn’t as dramatic as you think it is. Sunburns are common and our skin has aContinue reading “5 Ways to Take Care of Sunburnt Skin”

5 Iconic Jeans Every Woman Should Own

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is hard to come by. And when we do find them, you can’t get us out of them. But wearing the same style of jeans can often makes us feel like we’re wearing the exact same outfit a hundred times over. The trick to wearing denim every day isContinue reading “5 Iconic Jeans Every Woman Should Own”

Dye Your Hair Naturally with Cinnamon and Honey

There comes a time in our life when we just feel we need to change the way we look. And though this feeling may occur more often in some people, a lot of us actually fear change and see it as something of a big deal. Haircuts and hair colours are an easy go-to actionContinue reading “Dye Your Hair Naturally with Cinnamon and Honey”

How to Transform Damaged Hair in 1 Month

The easiest way to repair damaged hair, is first figuring out what’s causing our strands distress, and then stop doing those things. This is how our transformation begins. In this post you’ll find five simple steps you can take to transform your hair from dry, damaged hair to soft, healthy hair in just a fewContinue reading “How to Transform Damaged Hair in 1 Month”

People of Colour, White Privilege & Black Lives Matter

It’s hard to write this post. It’s hard to say the things I’m about to say. Because I wish they were never true. But denying that Racism exists is the worst thing we can do. And denying that racism exists within ourselves & within our homes is a great disservice towards the fight for justice,Continue reading “People of Colour, White Privilege & Black Lives Matter”

Olaplex No.3 for Curly Hair (2020) Review

Transitioning to curly hair can take a long time! Especially if you are impatient like me. Today I’m giving you my Olaplex No.3 review to answer one of the most talked about questions regarding the treatment, and that is, can olaplex bring your curls back? And after many trials with this product, let’s get rightContinue reading “Olaplex No.3 for Curly Hair (2020) Review”

Born Ugly – Battling the Idea of Hereditary Flaws and Redefining Beauty

For the longest time I felt plagued by the incessant need to cover up what is believed to be outward flaws in my appearance. My olive skin never quite light enough, my textured curls could never pass as straight, my discolouration around my joints pointed towards my ‘ethnic’ heritage and my prominent dark circles ledContinue reading “Born Ugly – Battling the Idea of Hereditary Flaws and Redefining Beauty”