About Living on Less – A 2 Week Challenge

Okay so here’s the deal – I’ve challenged myself out of spending money for the next 2 weeks for a multitude of reasons. But before I get into them let me just preface by saying this: I am spending money on food i.e. groceries and any other health benefits like, I don’t know, if IContinue reading “About Living on Less – A 2 Week Challenge”

Can we take Feminism seriously for a moment?

Can we take feminism seriously for a moment because I’m tired. I’m tired of constantly having the same conversations to women of how men overstep personal boundaries. This fuels me with so much rage that I cannot even write a post and be calm anymore. Get out of my space! And in case you don’t knowContinue reading “Can we take Feminism seriously for a moment?”

Struggling on the Road to Financial Independence

When I was much younger, I imagined independence would be one straight road, that went something like this > get a degree > get a job > get a good salary > get an apartment > voila!  So I did all of these things and felt pretty good about it. I’ve written briefly about myContinue reading “Struggling on the Road to Financial Independence”

Skincare for your Late 20s

Our late 20s almost feels like a skincare sweet spot as we’re past the awkward breakout stages (touch wood) and not worrying about those wrinkles to form just yet, or those dark spots from spending endless afternoons on the beach in summer. It could very well be the calm before the storm. So easy maintenanceContinue reading “Skincare for your Late 20s”

Money & Travel – Seeing the Big Picture

I was 20 when I  made the decision to live abroad. I can even remember the moment itself, the clear night, stars out, moon’s bright, the open window where I sat dreaming of a bigger life. It’s almost cliche. But the desire to see more of this world and the realisation that it was moreContinue reading “Money & Travel – Seeing the Big Picture”

Why your 20s are for staying out late and sleeping in your makeup

Nadine Baggott once mentioned that she slept in her makeup all throughout her 20s and early 30s. Surprised by the skincare advocate and woman looking amazing for not removing makeup for a decade, it was only in the past month or so that I actually agree with her statement. Strange? From someone who vowed neverContinue reading “Why your 20s are for staying out late and sleeping in your makeup”

70s Inspired Outfit – Styling Flare Jeans

The push to purchase only 100% cotton denim started months back when I felt fed up of the annual repurchase of expensive jeans and the waste of cash spent on denim that do not last you a long time. But with the South African market still being a couple seasons behind the international trend, stretchContinue reading “70s Inspired Outfit – Styling Flare Jeans”

I don’t have the audacity to be polite

I don’t have the audacity to be polite, to sit and smile at the gestures I dislike – when you infringe on my space without my consent, nudging me with your elbow, grabbing my hand, my wrist if you will, all to pay a fucking bill. I don’t have the audacity to be patient, toContinue reading “I don’t have the audacity to be polite”

Don’t Close your Eyes Darling

It’s not often that I find myself fighting to hang on to a passing moment. To travel – that was always the dream, not just to wander but to search in and through a land so that I could find something. Isn’t it typical? Man’s quest for meaning. But what I found is this longing,Continue reading “Don’t Close your Eyes Darling”