5 Ways to Take Care of Sunburnt Skin

Dealing with sunburns can be a painful experience, and a tad embarrassing if we’re being honest. No-one wants to walk around with peeling skin, or a two-toned complexion. and trying to save your skin from falling off your face isn’t as dramatic as you think it is. Sunburns are common and our skin has aContinue reading “5 Ways to Take Care of Sunburnt Skin”

Skincare for your Late 20s

Our late 20s almost feels like a skincare sweet spot as we’re past the awkward breakout stages (touch wood) and not worrying about those wrinkles to form just yet, or those dark spots from spending endless afternoons on the beach in summer. It could very well be the calm before the storm. So easy maintenanceContinue reading “Skincare for your Late 20s”

Why your 20s are for staying out late and sleeping in your makeup

Nadine Baggott once mentioned that she slept in her makeup all throughout her 20s and early 30s. Surprised by the skincare advocate and woman looking amazing for not removing makeup for a decade, it was only in the past month or so that I actually agree with her statement. Strange? From someone who vowed neverContinue reading “Why your 20s are for staying out late and sleeping in your makeup”

Get Brighter Skin!

Brightening your skin is surprisingly easy, and in the land of K-Beauty, it is life! I was always keen to try potent exfoliants to get glowing skin – acid toners in particular, but to my dismay, it wasn’t worth the sensitivity. And that is for me personally. I know people who swear by acid toners,Continue reading “Get Brighter Skin!”

Skincare for Sensitive Skin

When I think of sensitive skin, or products to use on sensitive skin, the first thing that comes to mind is french skincare. French pharmacy brands are well known for their simplicity and offer a variety of products for those who either have specific skincare concerns such as eczema or rosacea, sensitive skin, whether thatContinue reading “Skincare for Sensitive Skin”