Get the Best of Busan’s Beaches South Korea

Busan boasts some of South Korea’s most popular beaches, with Haeundae Beach probably being its main attraction. To see the best of Busan you don’t need to visit all of its beaches, though that’s not a bad idea at all. But having different experiences at these beaches can make for a lifetime of memories. HereContinue reading “Get the Best of Busan’s Beaches South Korea”

90s Inspired Fashion ft. Olivia from

This year I’m planning to do more style posts inspired by places, decades, movements and books I’m reading, taking in everything that I’m absorbing and letting that filter onto the blog and just playing around with fashion and enjoying it. This post is all about drawing inspiration from the 90s, which has had many fashionContinue reading “90s Inspired Fashion ft. Olivia from”

Lazy Sunday Morning in Seoul

I think by now we all have a Sunday morning routine. My Sundays back in Cape Town were all about brunching at good coffee shops with the girls and basically just enjoying the company of friends. Moving to Korea has obviously changed this as the idea of avo toast with a flat white is surprisinglyContinue reading “Lazy Sunday Morning in Seoul”

Seeking Adventure 2018

Happy 2018 everybody! Can I still say that seeing that it’s basically February already? January has been as relaxing as it’s been stressful, with ongoing work schedules throughout the new year period and a well deserved break thereafter I finally feel refreshed and ready for the new year (even though one month has already passedContinue reading “Seeking Adventure 2018”

Finding your own Style

For the past few months I’ve been thinking about my own personal style and trying to pin it down to something specific. This proved to be really hard seeing as I’m someone who dresses around my mood for most of the year, except in winter when I dress to be warm. But none of thisContinue reading “Finding your own Style”

The Best of Seoul’s Coffee Shops – November

There’s something so satisfying about having that first sip of coffee, it’s the cautious sip, so as not to burn your tongue, the heat that it gives, the cream on your lips. The sweet sensation of its mere bitterness that makes you smile. I have a deep relationship with  my coffee, an intimate one, oneContinue reading “The Best of Seoul’s Coffee Shops – November”

Catching the Sunrise in Seoul

There are so many things I wish I could do with my time and so many places I’d like to see but most of all, and I think inside of us all, is a person we’re striving to be. And there could be many facets within that alone, but building on your own character andContinue reading “Catching the Sunrise in Seoul”

How to Style a Slip Dress in Fall/Winter

If you’re someone who’s not looking into buying clothes right now or just struggling to adjust your summer wardrobe in the colder months then hey, here’s a blog post for you! I’ve been pushing my current wardrobe to its limit by not adding anything new to it and seeing what ensemble I can throw onContinue reading “How to Style a Slip Dress in Fall/Winter”

A Photographic Journey through Yeongwol South Korea

We all have those days when dressing up is not an option, when all we want to feel is comfortable. My outfits are most often a representation of my mood and when I’m feeling down or vulnerable, anything over sized makes me feel instantly comforted and secure. On days like these, wearing jeans and anContinue reading “A Photographic Journey through Yeongwol South Korea”