Post Flight Skincare

On Board

My holiday skincare routine starts on the plane. So once I am well settled in to my seat I make sure my skin is clean. You can either use the hot cloth provided on board or a simple makeup wipe to remove any dirt and oils from the skin. When taking long haul flights I usually stick to two main products: an oil and a sleeping mask. I’d pat in a generous amount of the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate onto my skin and follow up with the Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask. These two products alone can save you from a lot of skincare concerns. Obviously you don’t need to use both but hey, that’s just what I like and what works for me.


skin (1)

skin7Post Flight

Drench your skin in oils as you arrive at your destination. Keeping the skin well moisturised will not only hydrate the skin but also put back moisture it had lost while travelling. If I am on a short haul flight, I’d basically do some variation of my night time skincare routine, before I board the plane and upon arrival inside an airport bathroom. This mainly consists of the same oil followed by a rich moisturiser. I had a miniature version of the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream which works like a dream especially when paired with the Kiehl’s oil. Also, these travel size pots are perfect for short trips.

skin11 (1)Oh, how can I forget about eye cream! There’s nothing worse than tired crepey eyes. Put some love and care onto the under eyes with a good eye cream, one that is hydrating and gentle on the delicate area. skin2skin3I always prefer my skin to look radiant especially on holiday. Oils are perfect for this purpose, not to mention that they add a lovely glow to the skin. I definitely amp up my skincare routine on vacation as long haul flights, sightseeing and jet lag can get the better of me. My morning and evening skincare routine is basically the same with the exception of sunscreen and a sleeping mask. I do use an oil in the morning before I apply any base makeup otherwise I’d look a bit lackluster in the face.




I also make sure to carry an exfoliator with me to keep my skin looking bright and healthy. As for lip balm, I must say I was rather impressed with the Eucerin Lip Repair as it held up on a 13 hour flight and it’s been living inside my jeans pocket ever since I got it. So keep a hydrating oil on hand to help your skin look its best. These are just a few skincare saviors to help me achieve a healthy fresh look when I’m actually feeling rather exhausted from flying.



 All photos were taken by Jeff Simone.

For more on my sunscreen, eye cream and exfoliator of choice please see Simple Summer Skin and Skincare for Sensitive Skin.

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Thanks so much for reading and all of your support! ♥



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