Why your 20s are for staying out late and sleeping in your makeup

Nadine Baggott once mentioned that she slept in her makeup all throughout her 20s and early 30s. Surprised by the skincare advocate and woman looking amazing for not removing makeup for a decade, it was only in the past month or so that I actually agree with her statement. Strange? From someone who vowed never to sleep in their makeup, never to remove it with cleansing wipes and double cleanse at night, I’m finally thinking Screw it, I’ll fix it in the morning. And I do, with a good cleanse and a hardcore eye cream, no one will even notice, not even you. Because when you feel good, you look good.



But there’s something so funny about this idea that it actually sounds true, that there’s a time in your life when you shouldn’t be worrying about these things, where you shouldn’t be so careful about everything, when you should be running around with your friends in immense laughter having late nights in the the city, when you should be travelling and exploring the world, taking risks and trying different things, and for most of us, that time is our 20s. So the Korean skincare routine feels too proper, too time consuming and too formal for the 20 something woman just doing her thing where ever she may be in the world. The negligence is carefree, it’s playful and rebellious. And I love every part of of the drop into a soft mattress and the comfort of the covers snuggling me as my head hits the pillow, mascara staining the pillow case, and having no worries about it. There’s just the blissful feeling of having a memorable time and all the excitement that awaits for the next day. It’s about living in the moments, not sweating the small stuff and leaving the ‘adult’ things for later.




What I’m wearing – Frea Sweatshirt

Photos by Nil Erturk

Makeup by Yagiz Yoldas

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