Skincare for your Late 20s

Our late 20s almost feels like a skincare sweet spot as we’re past the awkward breakout stages (touch wood) and not worrying about those wrinkles to form just yet, or those dark spots from spending endless afternoons on the beach in summer. It could very well be the calm before the storm. So easy maintenance in this period of our life could do a lot to prevent future stresses.

My simple skincare routine for this point in time is all about hydration and anti-ageing. But don’t worry, we’re not talking acids or retinols. We are so far away from those ingredients; all we need is a few simple things. Here are my 3 tips to maintain healthy, youthful looking skin when you’re leaving your 20s behind.

#1 Keep Your Skin Hydrated, Always!

This starts with drinking loads of water. It’s that annoying habit we can never keep consistent but it is the most important. And once you see the positive effects on your body, it’s easier to maintain this healthy habit. But when it comes to my skincare routine, there are 2 products I’ve been using both day & night to keep my skin hydrated and moisturised. The COSRX snail mucin serum and the KIEHL’S ultra facial cream. I’ve been using this duo for 5 months now and it’s all my skin needs, even when travelling, I need no more than this. Oh, I said that already. Okay, moving on.

#2 Wear an SPF, Every Single Day!

Another positive habit to take on if you don’t already! Consistency with skincare really makes the difference. Having good skin is not due to quick fixes, pimple creams and a mask now and then. Good skin comes from consistently taking care of it until you are no longer able. Then I hope you have a friend/family member/life partner/superhero cat to do your skincare routine for you. The habit of putting on sunscreen every morning is probably down to my years living in South Korea but, now that I am 3 months out of Seoul, I am still wearing my SFP 50 PA+++ religiously. You don’t need to use such a high factor for an everyday basis, it’s just the factor on my favourite sunscreen, MISSHA’s Essence Sun Milk. But you do you boo!

#3 Please DO Wear an Eye Cream

Yes, I’m an advocate for wearing an eye-cream every day. I do feel the extra expense of yet another skincare product is worth it at this age. But that’s because I’ve seen how well it works in reducing fine lines. It seems that the most common problems with buying into eye-creams is that a.) They can’t get rid of your dark circles and b.) They can’t get rid of your wrinkles either.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use an Eye Cream

  • hydrate the under eye area which to prevent future fine lines
  • brighten the under eye area to slowly reduce the appearance of dark circles over time (wow I sound like an ad)
  • get rid of fine lines caused by stress and dehydration
  • make you see the difference between fine lines and wrinkles and once it lifts those fine lines, you’ll see at this age that you don’t even have wrinkles and there’s no need to panic about it

My eye-cream of choice and the one I’ve seen the best results from is, the KIEHL’S creamy eye treatment with avocado. I wear it every morning before I put on my concealer and it has really made a difference to my under eye area. Just like any other product, it becomes trial & error. I used the KIEHL’S Midnight Recovery eye-cream and to no luck, I actually felt as though it made my under eye area dry by the morning. So just because one doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in them at all. It does feel like the most noticeable area to show ageing so find one that works for you. Consistency in these 3 simple steps has really proven to be the key to looking younger (or just not looking as tired).

Hope you found this post helpful ❤ 

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