A Minimal Approach to Skincare

10 steps for what? Basically.

I feel like the Korean skincare regimen just gets longer by the minute. Soon we’ll be looking like movie stars with all that toner but not a dollar to our names. If you are one who believes that all these new trends are purely there to make us buy more products then yes that is correct. Welcome to Capitalism. But who has the time & the energy to layer on products, and why should we? Using more products does not equate to getting better skin. I’m a firm believer in Less is More and that’s why I have taken on a more minimal approach to my own skincare routine.

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I think a lot of us are guilty of using products without knowing what they’re for and not checking if they actually make a difference to our skin. Keeping your skincare arsenal minimal can save you a lot of money and time but more importantly, you begin to learn about your skin and how it reacts to different ingredients. The more products you use, the harder it is to tell what’s working and what’s wasteful. My minimal routine consists of 3 products which I use day and night and I find the trio to work well for me. Your minimal skincare routine doesn’t have to mean a certain number of products; I’ve just gone with 3 because I find that’s all I need.

The Cleansing Step

This is probably the most obvious step but I also think it’s the most important one. Keeping your skin clean is absolutely necessary in maintaining clear skin. I prefer to use a milk or an oil cleanser to help achieve softer skin. I’m not a fan of foam cleansers or anything that strips the skin of its moisture. My current facial cleanser and one that I keep on repurchasing is the Eucerin Mild Cleansing Milk. It’s really good for sensitive skin and for those of us prone to eczema. Like the name would suggest, it’s really gentle on the skin and I love the simplicity of it. Nothing fancy here, or pricey, just an easy fuss free way to clean your skin.

The Treatment Step

This is definitely my favourite part of my skincare routine because I know this has the biggest impact on how my skin looks. For my treatment step and for my own skincare concerns, I love to use an oil to deeply nourish and heal my skin from dryness, dehydration and any breakouts that I may be experiencing. Applying an oil to your skin can be so therapeutic if you take the time to massage it in to your face. It also gives that glow to your skin which keeps you looking radiant. My favourite oil and skincare staple is the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate which I can’t bear to live without. It’s a beautifully rich oil which truly nourishes my skin, heals it from redness and irritation and really makes a difference in the appearance of my skin. I use it day and night and I can’t rave about it enough.

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The Moisturising Step

With moisturiser, I seem to take the same approach as my cleanser by choosing one that is gentle and hydrating. I wouldn’t say that I am loyal to a particular one, but this moisturiser I have repurchased. The Avene Hydrance Optimale gel creme has somehow crept its way into my skincare favourites. It’s a super simple moisturiser which at first I thought would be too light for my dehydrated skin, but now I’m an advocate. Dehydration is the biggest skincare concern that I have so finding a moisturiser that keeps my skin properly hydrated is important to me. I find this moisturiser to work really well over oils as well as water based products. It has a silky like consistency that just glides on the skin, especially when paired with the Kiehl’s oil. On its own, it’s quite light yet hydrating and certainly gives my skin enough of a drink throughout the day. I may not be loyal to a brand of moisturiser but I sure am picky with them, and this one has my vote.

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And that’s it for my minimal skincare routine. I hope you enjoyed this post! What products would you choose for your own minimal routine? Leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day 🙂

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