I don’t have the audacity to be polite

I don’t have the audacity to be polite, to sit and smile at the gestures I dislike – when you infringe on my space without my consent, nudging me with your elbow, grabbing my hand, my wrist if you will, all to pay a fucking bill. I don’t have the audacity to be patient, toContinue reading “I don’t have the audacity to be polite”

Poem – You are always in my forever

You are always in my forever – and that’s where you’ll stay, eyes wide awake to the sounds of laughter, there in the tiny room, hidden in the never ending passage of my mind. Now my head spins as I lie awake restless, intoxicated by the scented wax burning, my mind numb by the constantContinue reading “Poem – You are always in my forever”

Broken Down Palace

I came across a land so desolate and undignified in nature, it saddened me. The way a man beheads a tree bleeding its life into the earth that sorrow befalls the garden, and the insects scramble back into the underground seeking refuge in its dirt. And I watch the sunโ€™s rays through the yellowness ofContinue reading “Broken Down Palace”