About Today

Papa, I heard a Palestinian man speak today, of his land still locked in Apartheid just like we once were. And he spoke as if only to me, that his words rang clear in my ears and straight to my heart. Papa he said he was proud of us, as South Africans, as a nation. … More About Today

Broken Down Palace

I came across a land so desolate and undignified in nature, it saddened me. The way a man beheads a tree bleeding its life into the earth that sorrow befalls the garden, and the insects scramble back into the underground seeking refuge in its dirt. And I watch the sun’s rays through the yellowness of … More Broken Down Palace

Midnight Musings

Last night I lay in bed drifting in and out of the nothingness which consumes me, worried about things that shouldn’t concern me and dreaming of fantasies that will never be. And I lay there, still, between my white sheets which clung to my skin like on a hot summer’s night, sticking to my legs. … More Midnight Musings