My 3 Go-To Summer Fabrics

Okay so the worst of our summer’s heat should be over and done with it but seeing as our in between seasons are only getting shorter and my autumn dreams are fading away, I thought I’d shed a bit of light on my summer closet for God knows it’s been a sweaty one.

So starting off with the obvious choice – Cotton, which surprisingly is not my favourite fabric as it can get a bit thick and heavy for the heat. It by no means prevents a sweaty situation from showing (but in honesty, that is hard to do) and the classic white shirt look becomes uncomfortable after 30 degrees in South Africa. Its saving grace for me and my continuous repurchase of cotton goods lies in its sustainability, and good quality cotton is an easy option when you are running away from poly blends that overtake the budget fashion rails.

Reading labels are essential in this age of fast fashion and buying a poly blend without reading the label first is just all the more annoying. And on that note, you might want to stay far away from polyester in summer as it’s most likely to trap all the heat and leave you a sweaty mess before you’ve even left the house! But there are a few alternatives that are reasonably priced, perhaps not as cheap as polyester but still affordable nonetheless. And cotton is most certainly one of them.

My next go-to fabric and one I’ve definitely learned to love over many years is linen. With a selection of softer linen goods on the market, I’ve developed a great appreciation for linen t-shirts. I find they look far more sophisticated than cotton tees and in my late 20s that’s basically all I want to be.

Over the summer I also fell in love with this linen wrap skirt which has just amped up my fashion dreams and make me feel so bougie in anything that I pair it with, whether that be a cotton tee or a shirt, I’m all for linens all year round. But again, going with organic materials just make sense I guess. The amount of ironing needed to pull them off is so worth it in the end. I remember a time when I bought clothes that didn’t need ironing and now just cannot wear them in the heat without suffocating. It’s all in the fabric so be mindful of what you’re consuming. If you travel a lot and also tend to do this because you can’t be bothered to iron anything, just use your hair straighteners to iron your clothes. It works just as well for your clothes as it does for your hair!

My last go-to fabric for me and probably my favourite one, took me a lot by surprise this year. This vintage mustard shirt is probably my favourite shirt I’ve ever owned and that’s down to its feel and comfort, especially in Cape Town summers.

I legit thought this was a cotton blend because it was all I wanted to wear this summer and I was on the road to only purchasing organic fabrics when I checked the label months after I had purchased it and I found myself surprised to know it’s 100% rayon. Shock Horror to my own bougie-ness I couldn’t believe my go-to favourite summer fabric was actually synthetic.

This actually changed the game for me because I wanted this blog post to be all about organic fabrics but alas I duped myself by falling in love with rayon. Don’t hate me but this is the most breathable shirt that it saved me this summer. And because it’s so loose fitting especially around the arm pits you get a lot of grace and you literally feel cool for the summer.

Skirt – MeMeMe Cape Town, Shirt – Small Change (Kyoto), Slip – Indibrand (Korea), Sandals – Woolworths, Bag & Sunnies were purchased at local Korean stores in Seoul.


2 thoughts on “My 3 Go-To Summer Fabrics

  1. Beautiful photos! I only really learnt about fabric last year when I produced copy for a designer. She said how important it is to wear materials like organic cotton to let skin breathe. Love your outfit πŸ™‚


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