Don’t Close your Eyes Darling

It’s not often that I find myself fighting to hang on to a passing moment. To travel – that was always the dream, not just to wander but to search in and through a land so that I could find something. Isn’t it typical? Man’s quest for meaning. But what I found is this longing, that something could last just a little longer, not necessarily to go back to it or to have it again, but when you’re travelling, right there is a moment you’d thought could never happen or has happened too soon and there’s something in you that wishes it could go on, for another minute, another second, if the sunrise could prolong itself, if the drive over the Bosphorous were slower, if I could stay awake just a bit more, fighting sleep in order to see what has become from a dream.




Don’t close your eyes darling. Keep them wide open, there on the open road with the sunset falling behind you, the dark clouds hovering the night sky. Don’t fall to sleep in this moment. Soon you’ll be on a flight, miles away from this moment. Don’t close your eyes darling. Lying in between white sheets with the full moon seducing you at the window. Stay there, in the dim light, in the presence that you arrived, smiling at the thought of possibility, and how everything fell into place. You are always in the right place. Even when it’s a dark place, lost at dawn searching for a place to view the sunrise. But then it happens – the balloons take flight and mesmerise the pink sky. All too soon, you hope it could stay too long. Keep your eyes wide open at the sky, at the moon, at the break of dawn, at sunrise, on the road. Keep them open darling, for the moment shall pass, but its memory is all you’ll have and it will last.






All photos are my own. Find me on Instagram for more of my photography journey ♥


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