Don’t Close your Eyes Darling

It’s not often that I find myself fighting to hang on to a passing moment. To travel – that was always the dream, not just to wander but to search in and through a land so that I could find something. Isn’t it typical? Man’s quest for meaning. But what I found is this longing,Continue reading “Don’t Close your Eyes Darling”

Exploring Seoul’s Abandoned Amusement Park Yongma Land

Walking through Yongma Land early on a Sunday morning felt a bit strange. If I’m honest, I had quite a bit of expectations to photograph the space but once I arrived, and even on the walk up through the trees, the dry leaves beneath me, a worn down building whose windows scream out a darknessContinue reading “Exploring Seoul’s Abandoned Amusement Park Yongma Land”

Get the Best of Busan’s Beaches South Korea

Busan boasts some of South Korea’s most popular beaches, with Haeundae Beach probably being its main attraction. To see the best of Busan you don’t need to visit all of its beaches, though that’s not a bad idea at all. But having different experiences at these beaches can make for a lifetime of memories. HereContinue reading “Get the Best of Busan’s Beaches South Korea”

Seeking Adventure 2018

Happy 2018 everybody! Can I still say that seeing that it’s basically February already? January has been as relaxing as it’s been stressful, with ongoing work schedules throughout the new year period and a well deserved break thereafter I finally feel refreshed and ready for the new year (even though one month has already passedContinue reading “Seeking Adventure 2018”

Catching the Sunrise in Seoul

There are so many things I wish I could do with my time and so many places I’d like to see but most of all, and I think inside of us all, is a person we’re striving to be. And there could be many facets within that alone, but building on your own character andContinue reading “Catching the Sunrise in Seoul”

Yeongwol South Korea – The Middle of Nowhere

I suddenly felt the urge to run back to the village, the  one hidden between the mountain slopes and old valley roads where nobody knows, the one enveloped by dry tree tops  shy of its bare branches looking sullen and bowed, where each of them mourn the loss of the young king laid to rest.Continue reading “Yeongwol South Korea – The Middle of Nowhere”

Visiting Istanbul’s Famous Mosques

So often in life we wish things were over, that time passes quickly so we can move on to the next hour or the next day. We spend our days counting down the clock  or completely mindless in heaps of work that we don’t stop until it’s too late. I find the hardest part ofContinue reading “Visiting Istanbul’s Famous Mosques”

Hiking in South Korea & Temple Visit

I could never put down to words the best moments I’ve had on my travels. Or even the worst for that matter. Each experience, good or bad has had a positive outcome. I don’t think I remember everything I did whilst travelling, or every single place I’ve visited. There are only memories, some more vividContinue reading “Hiking in South Korea & Temple Visit”