Struggling on the Road to Financial Independence

When I was much younger, I imagined independence would be one straight road, that went something like this > get a degree > get a job > get a good salary > get an apartment > voila! 

So I did all of these things and felt pretty good about it. I’ve written briefly about my experience moving abroad, and it was all I dreamed of doing as a teen. Living on my own in a big city was the life I wanted. And what feels like a hot minute, actually culminated in years spent working abroad, living on my own and travelling parts of the globe. But all things come to an end at some point, so did my time abroad, and that’s when I returned to South Africa and decided to start working consistently on this blog.


I was first introduced to the term boomerang kids by a former colleague of mine. And if you weren’t familiar with this term either, Hi I’m Gameema and I’m not sure if that phrase is an actual thing either, but it defines a group of young individuals who after living independently away from their families whether in a different city or somewhere abroad, end up after a period of time moving back in with their parents. So basically, you left the nest, screamed and shouted, and then went back to the nest. Though it sounds like a laugh, I’d like to believe that after all the screaming and trauma of culture shock we actually assimilated into a new environment. And while you take a lot of flak for being back home, there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t bang your head against a wall just yet, or at all.

Living on your own is hard, especially when you’re living abroad. It’s no easy task to undertake, and just by taking steps in the direction  of independence is something to be proud of. The fact that you’re now staying back in your childhood home doesn’t mean your entire experience of being financially independent is null and void. It takes nothing away from the lessons you’ve learned and the amount of growth and courage you’ve gained over that period in your life.

The road to Financial Independence is not a straight one as I had imagined growing up. It winds every so often and life throws some large curves in there. If you’ve taken a detour from your Independence or feel completely stuck on your way then please remember that everyone struggles a long the way. You are definitely not alone. But, speaking of which…

Living alone can be a very exhilarating experience and I wish all of you the chance to experience that time to get to know yourself. But it’s not exactly a poster for having financial independence. So many people, married or single, are also in their parents’ home taking care of things. Couples living together are also having the same money troubles as you as a single person, maybe even more so. We never truly know someone’s financial capacity by whom they’re living with. But why are we even looking at others?

Call is Facebook, Instagram, Whatever, it has become normalised for us to not only show parts of our private life but also to look and almost stalk the lives of others so freely that it dangerously puts us in a mindset where we inadvertently compare our realities to a virtual world. The inspiration for this post came from a video where the speaker said, “It takes time to be financially independent”. And feeling the rush to achieve this goal, yet again, I finally paused.

Standing on your own two feet is incredibly hard. Give yourself a break. Seriously. We feel so much pressure to have everything altogether all the time. Kids are growing up faster, getting rich quicker, adulting faster than we’ve ever imagined, and in our instantaneous world we forget that things take time to manifest. So whilst you don’t have enough money to claim financial independence you do have something else, the power of your own mind. You have the power to create changes in your life that could lead you to financial independence. Make a plan, brainstorm thoroughly, exhaust your resources and execute each and every step of the way. You already have the most powerful tool you could use. One of my favourite quotes from Dr Seuss is that ‘There’s no-one as brainy and footy as you”, and though it is incredibly cute it is also, incredibly true. 

Thank you so much for reading! ❤

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