Can we take Feminism seriously for a moment?

Can we take feminism seriously for a moment because I’m tired. I’m tired of constantly having the same conversations to women of how men overstep personal boundaries. This fuels me with so much rage that I cannot even write a post and be calm anymore. Get out of my space! And in case you don’t know what someone’s personal space is, let me show you.

This is my Body

Exhibit A 

At no point, and at no place are you EVER allowed to touch my body. Don’t touch my body with you hands, don’t touch it with your arms by nudging me, don’t touch my body with your own by brushing up against me. Do not touch my hands, arms, wrists, back, legs, hair, shoulders, don’t even touch my feet! Because it is not your body. And it does not belong to you. It was not created for you. And you have no possession over it. Oh and just so that we are double clear that you know each body part, let’s just make sure you’re not a robot. Circle the labelled body parts in these photos to prove you’re an actual human being. 

You might think the antics unnecessary but the number of men who don’t care for your personal space and the right you have over your own body is heading for none. I’m tired of guys who come up to me saying ‘hey girl’ and then nudging me with their elbow against my arm. Err excuse me but what stupid game is this? Arm Arm? Elbow Elbow? How about you greet me like a normal human being. Good Morning will do. Oh but don’t roll your eyes or give them a blank stare of death or God forbid tell them how you don’t actually want to talk to them because, they’re not even listening to you. But they sure are looking at you. Because guaranteed the next think that comes out of his mouth is, you should smile more.

And I can write a superfluous amount of paragraphs on these particular encounters, and I can even try and be funny about it, but the truth is that  it’s so demeaning that I can’t understand why I am the one who feels embarrassed at your actions. Why am I the one who feels embarrassed that you need to assert your masculinity? Why do I feel embarrassed that you grabbed me at the wrist? Why do I feel embarrassed that you forced me down to sit? Why am I the one who feels embarrassed that people are staring? And why am I so embarrassed that I sit and smile as not to make a scene? Why am I the one who feels this way? Why do I feel ashamed when you shove your whole body against me? Why me? Why is this my shame?

So can we take feminism seriously for a moment? Because I’m tired.

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2 thoughts on “Can we take Feminism seriously for a moment?

  1. It really infuriates me when people say oh you’re just being silly, just deal with it – it’s not a big issue etc. Like when did it become okay for a man to heckle words at you down the street or loudly talk to his friends about how ‘fit’ you are. I like compliments as much as the next person, but not when they are degrading and rude.
    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post. Though it’s crazy at the end of 2018, we still have to talk about having our own space. Loved your photos and outfits as well 🙂

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