70s Inspired Outfit – Styling Flare Jeans

The push to purchase only 100% cotton denim started months back when I felt fed up of the annual repurchase of expensive jeans and the waste of cash spent on denim that do not last you a long time. But with the South African market still being a couple seasons behind the international trend, stretch denim was still the Be All and End All of the denim industry inside my home country, making 100% cotton jeans hard to find. Though there are more options in stores now as we speak.



On a recent trip to Turkey, I was in the playing fields of good quality denim, affordable prices and incredible service. Basically, I was in my happy place. That’s where I found these flare jeans! Coming in at 99% cotton, I couldn’t not buy them as the fit and more importantly, the cut, was hard to come by. It was somehow longer than my long legs and gave me a reason to wear heels every day. But I don’t see this cut anymore, not even in vintage stores. It was a must-buy scenario, you know, things I tell myself.




Feeling proper 70s with my heel boots and my loose button down shirt, these jeans sure do give me a confidence boost. And with that 1% elastane, it’s a lot more forgiving than my standard 100% cotton jeans. So I can still grab a burger (and fries) and hide it all in the high waisted fit because I know they will hug my food baby right into place. Usually I avoid elastane at all costs, but for a pair of flares in late 2018, no way was I going to pass up this offer!




There’s something about these jeans that feel effortless. I’m almost certain they are past the their comeback days but trends, I do not follow. A good cut and exceptional quality will always look good and stand the test of time. And with its classic wash of blue denim, I can’t see them ever being out of style.



_DSC2275 copy

Jeans – Stradivarius, Shirt – Country Road, Hat – Oxxo, Boots – Timberland

Photography by Lindsey Fourie/ Follow me on Instagram here!


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