Fall Fashion Inspiration – Autumnal Hues and Colour Mood

The end of winter in Cape Town does feel like fall in a lot of ways. Cold winds and rainy days leave us feeling all too moody and in that cozy up feeling of staying in bed longer than we should and drinking copious cups of comforting warm beverages to soothe the winter away. ButContinue reading “Fall Fashion Inspiration – Autumnal Hues and Colour Mood”

How to Style a Slip Dress in Fall/Winter

If you’re someone who’s not looking into buying clothes right now or just struggling to adjust your summer wardrobe in the colder months then hey, here’s a blog post for you! I’ve been pushing my current wardrobe to its limit by not adding anything new to it and seeing what ensemble I can throw onContinue reading “How to Style a Slip Dress in Fall/Winter”

A Photographic Journey through Yeongwol South Korea

We all have those days when dressing up is not an option, when all we want to feel is comfortable. My outfits are most often a representation of my mood and when I’m feeling down or vulnerable, anything over sized makes me feel instantly comforted and secure. On days like these, wearing jeans and anContinue reading “A Photographic Journey through Yeongwol South Korea”

Autumn Outfit Inspiration – Sweater Weather, Blazers & Things

I think I may have romanticised the moment fall arrived a bit too much. We just got hit with single digit temperatures in the mornings so sweater weather is finally here! At first, layering pieces seemed like a dream but the bitter cold mornings have me grabbing every item of clothing all at once. IContinue reading “Autumn Outfit Inspiration – Sweater Weather, Blazers & Things”

The Autumn Collection

My autumn collection is here – A capsule of makeup items to suit any autumnal look. My main focus in designing this collection stemmed from the ever changing leaves, bringing in that rich colour selection to the eyes, lips & cheeks. This is more of a classic autumnal makeup look, which can be tailored toContinue reading “The Autumn Collection”

Autumn in South Korea – The Best Time to Travel

The best time to visit Korea is now! Autumn has finally begun and the sunflower fields have graced us with its beauty. We are well in to flower festivals and soon our streets will be an array of autumnal hues, with brown, orange, yellow and red leaves creating a picturesque view. Seoul has an abundanceContinue reading “Autumn in South Korea – The Best Time to Travel”

Autumn Outfit Inspiration & Transitional Pieces

Aahhh Autumn…my favourite time of year is upon us. There’s nothing better than saying goodbye to humid summer nights and waking up to a rustle from the morning breeze. Taking strolls around the city now seem pleasurable and before we know it, our long awaited picturesque trees of red & orange leaves will decorate ourContinue reading “Autumn Outfit Inspiration & Transitional Pieces”