Girl in the Pink Blazer


If someone had asked me what I thought my style would be at this age I would probably say black-on-black, the occasional white shirt, something classy, something elegant and most certainly no bright colours – a red lip would do. But buying into quality pieces and spending on that which you love and all which enables you to purchase the things you’d want to wear again and again, I found myself utterly smitten by this blazer.


It’s so far out of my comfort zone and so loud a piece that it took me about half an hour walking through the store in it, just to be certain that even though I had fallen madly in love with it, that I would be comfortable and confident enough to wear such a statement piece. And with the enabling of my best friend and the desire to invest in classic pieces, albeit a pink one, was a pretty pricey purchase I’d probably never regret buying.  It is by far the piece of clothing I want to wear most.


It’s vibrancy and utter disrespect for my own dark and broody undertones of black and brown screamed loudly at me, and maybe even at the world, that this is a piece I want to be seen. And by giving it due course and playing homage to its true colour, which is a lot more pink than what is photographed, we enhanced the colour scheme by letting it stand out in its own palette of bright pink tones.


The blazer pops either way, in any lighting and with any piece it’s paired with, it’s always going to be the centre of attention; it’s always going to be the place where the gaze falls. It is a unique piece, which has everything to do with its colour and texture of the corduroy classic. It feels expensive and makes anyone look like a million bucks. But the feeling I get when I wear this, is one of confidence and one of strength, that I, the ever so anxious girl in a dark corner, could walk around almost quite blatantly wearing a stunning pink blazer and feel bloody good about it.


Photography by Lindsey Fourie.

Blazer from & other Stories.


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