Minimalist Fashion – 5 Wardrobe Staples

Okay, so here’s the part where I tell myself “You literally have no style” because these basic pieces are essentially my most worn pieces, if I can get away with it.

Blue Jeans – Growing up, I’ve always been into black skinny jeans and I’m sure I will go back to it in a cooler climate but blue jeans have been a staple for me this year. This pair specifically, which is 100% cotton, zero stretch, high waisted jeans from & other Stories have been my life. Though I have currently moved on from them (due to a bit of wait loss and a big stain, but mainly just the stain) I think I may have found my favourite style of jeans.


A white Tee – I mean obviously, what else? How many white t-shirts can one possess? (counts in head all the ones I own) but this one is actually my favourite. I found it in the men’s section of Uniqlo because that’s where all the good things are. There’s nothing fancy about this tee, it is probably thee most basic piece of all but I love wearing a plain white tee and spritzing some perfume on and that just makes me feel good.



Trainers – Because I could sit here and tell you about my obsession with boots and loafers but when it comes down to the everyday, stress free outfits I’m all about these Adidas ones. They go with everything (sort of) and they are probably the most comfortable shoe I think I’ve ever owned. Okay now they have been worn down so the comfort level has too, but I remember slipping into these the first time and I finally understood the craze.



A Leather Jacket – Now what would my Uni days be without a black leather jacket. I was all about the skinny jeans, the oversized hoodie and the leather jacket (Oh and  some beaten old converse). I guess my style hasn’t evolved all that much. Now at the age of 28 I’m still about a black leather jacket. This one from H&M has been my go-to this spring season and I cannot wait to throw this on again!



Sunglasses – Wearing a pair of sunnies every day has become habitual to me, to the point where I cannot leave the house without them. It’s kind of like carrying my cell phone around. I need to have it on me at all times. I think I developed this habit since I first started working many moons ago and it definitely feels like something that’s a part of me now. I surprisingly don’t hoard sunglasses, nor do I spend loads of money on them, but a good pair that’s just dark enough and sits well on my face will do the trick. I think I’ve had this pair for almost two years now. Touch Wood it stays with me for two more!


Photography by Jeff Simone

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post!





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