Parisian Inspired Day to Night Look

Okay so I’m a woman obsessed with Parisian style that I could not help myself. But these are not your typical french pieces or outfits, emphasis on Inspired please. You might even argue that these are not Parisian at all. But this is what I came up with for an easy day to night look.



i LOVE these jeans. They are a classic light wash of denim, 100% cotton, zero stretch, high waisted skinny jeans from & other Stories. I’ve spoken about them countless times so I won’t ramble on again. But I think jeans just work so well as all round & transitional pieces that it’s hard to go wrong with them. Paired here with an over-sized white shirt, I thought this would just be a bit more classic, like something I just threw on look. But I really like the idea of an open white shirt since seeing some beautiful images on Instagram, usually just with a black bra underneath, I mean who doesn’t love that look. But seeing that we need to leave the house and I wanted to play around with a darker colour I’ve chosen this leather tank from Zara with a lace edging peeping out from under the leather.


The tank does have quite a bit of material on it so it’s kind of hard to work with when you want to tuck it into jeans or skirts. So do forgive the somewhat unflattering belly at times. This look feels quite different to what I usually wear but that’s what I like about it. Even though you have to work with the leather a bit, it still looks effortless with the open white shirt, which is also just so easy to throw on and off.



So here’s where the transition to the Night Look comes in. Just a simple change from white to black, and from an easy breezy shirt to a slightly structured blazer makes all the difference.



So this is something I had literally just thrown on when putting outfits together for a french look. And it just so happened that this became a Day to Night look because of that. I’ve had this blazer for about 5 years now and this is by far my favourite outfit wearing it. It feels very evening-esque with the deep burgundy leather & lace tank. Not to mention that the shoes and handbag fit perfectly as well. We’ll give the sunglasses a miss though if we are actually spending a night out with friends πŸ™‚



Now this look to me feels a bit more French, the overall structured look with just that bit of tailoring, together with the flats and the darker colour palette feels very chic and effortless. This is an outfit that can instantly make you feel good. You can even just pat on a deep berry toned lipstick if you fancy a bit more spice. But I personally prefer this more understated evening look.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!


Photography by Jeff Simone




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