Styling Mom Jeans – 3 Easy Outfits

If you’ve read my previous blog post you’ll know that I’ve recently got my hands on a pair of light wash denims in my search to find 100% cotton jeans in South Africa. The only pair that I had managed to find happened to be your basic mom jeans, which by the way, is notContinue reading “Styling Mom Jeans – 3 Easy Outfits”

Colour Inspiration & Outfit Ideas for Spring

I’m going to start off by saying that this is not something I would usually wear. Which I think is evident from all of my previous posts, but in keeping with the anticipation for some greenery and some life, and the weakness at H&M sales, I found these trousers. I didn’t realise just how greenContinue reading “Colour Inspiration & Outfit Ideas for Spring”

Cherry Blossom Inspired Spring Outfit

Ahh Spring! One of my favourite times of the year is almost upon us! Mainly because this is the time for new beginnings, a fresh start, and all the cheerfulness which the cherry blossoms bring. Don’t even get me started on my pink coffee at Starbucks, because that makes me weirdly happy too. Though newContinue reading “Cherry Blossom Inspired Spring Outfit”

Parisian Inspired Day to Night Look

Okay so I’m a woman obsessed with Parisian style that I could not help myself. But these are not your typical french pieces or outfits, emphasis on Inspired please. You might even argue that these are not Parisian at all. But this is what I came up with for an easy day to night look.Continue reading “Parisian Inspired Day to Night Look”

Parisian Chic – Breton Stripes & a Red Lip

What would a French inspired outfit be without a striped top and a red lip? I’ve been keen on wearing this look for the longest time and something about the time now feels right. Probably because it’s more in sync with my own style rather than playing dress up. I feel that this is aContinue reading “Parisian Chic – Breton Stripes & a Red Lip”

Parisian Inspired Street Style

The streets, the fashion, the cafe’s and the Insta feed of dreams has finally made me look into a french wardrobe. Inspired by the street style of Parisian women and the timeless pieces, I’m amazed by how just a few key pieces make an entire wardrobe look so chic and really easy to throw onContinue reading “Parisian Inspired Street Style”

Parisian Chic Outfit & Feeling Confident

The confidence of the french woman is something that I’ve always admired. The everyday ease of outfits, hair and make-up that look effortlessly undone yet sophisticated at the same time. There’s something about the way french women carry themselves that is unmistakable, you can tell they are never trying to be anyone else. Being confident inContinue reading “Parisian Chic Outfit & Feeling Confident”

90s Inspired Grunge ft. Olivia from

Being a 90s kid had quite a bit of attitude attached to it through main stream media. I grew up dancing along to the Spice Girls, playing Power Rangers and wearing pink jelly babies, not sure what the attitude was there but let’s move on. Though that was a lot of fun at the time,Continue reading “90s Inspired Grunge ft. Olivia from”

90s Inspired Fashion ft. Olivia from

This year I’m planning to do more style posts inspired by places, decades, movements and books I’m reading, taking in everything that I’m absorbing and letting that filter onto the blog and just playing around with fashion and enjoying it. This post is all about drawing inspiration from the 90s, which has had many fashionContinue reading “90s Inspired Fashion ft. Olivia from”