Cherry Blossom Inspired Spring Outfit

Ahh Spring! One of my favourite times of the year is almost upon us! Mainly because this is the time for new beginnings, a fresh start, and all the cheerfulness which the cherry blossoms bring. Don’t even get me started on my pink coffee at Starbucks, because that makes me weirdly happy too. Though new beginnings are quite stressful, soon we’ll be able to enjoy warmer weather and strolls through picturesque parks and even city streets as this is the time when everything comes back to life ❤


This is one of two spring inspired looks I’m doing for my blog. I’ve obviously taken inspiration from all the cherry blossoms in Korea and have dabbled in a bit of colour for the upcoming season. It is pink and I am surprisingly happy about this top. I had my eye on it last season and when it was brought back in the Zara sale I knew now was the time to get it. Whether you pair it with denim or with trousers, this spring filled piece will give you that colourful mood you’ve been waiting for. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration but do keep in mind that I’m not an avid wearer of colour. So I’ve paired it with my black trousers because I am still living in the darkness of winter and these suede trousers keep me relatively warm. But I like that it means the sole focus of the outfit is on the top itself.




I call this look Comfort in Colour because nothing about this feels too pink. I try not to buy colourful pieces because I always gravitate towards black on a daily basis so that would be a waste. But seeing as everything else is black, it makes the top a whole lot easier to wear and to slip into my own personal style.

I’m interested to know, if you too wear a bit of pink come Spring or jump on to florals when you wouldn’t wear them normally? Leave me a comment below ❤ Hope you’ve enjoyed this post!




Photography by Jeff Simone

Top & Trousers from Zara, Shoes from & other Stories and my handbag was purchased at a local Korean store in Seoul.




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