Minimalist Fashion – The Essential Black Trousers

Ah my love for something dark down the legs, has given me a love-hate relationship with black skinny jeans. Though they offer you a world of flattery and the everyday ease of getting dressed, they also leave you with suffocating knees and an annual replacement because well, something’s gotta give. With the popular rise of last year’s straight cut, vintage style blue jeans, I’ve left my black skinny (and SPS/Skinny Pants Syndrome) at the door. Though I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing straight cut jeans and have appreciated the extra wiggle room, I miss my days of wearing all black outfits every day. So I was on the hunt for a brand new pair of black skinny jeans when I found something even better.


I can’t even begin to describe the comfort of these trousers. They are ultra soft, lux feeling, suede trousers from Zara. They fit as a straight leg jeans would, fitted around the waist with a bit more give down the leg. They can look quite glam when paired with heels but also casually chic with trainers. It’s quite a versatile piece which I’m enjoying creating looks out of. Don’t get me started on the tapered ankle which as you can see, is quite cropped, but oh so sophisticated.


Styled here with a simple white tee, a black blazer and your friends heels to make you feel good – I am obsessed with this look. It’s so easy to throw on and requires no effort at all to get dressed for meetings or you know, blog post photos haha. The blazer I bought about 5 years ago at a local Korean store here in Seoul. I swear it looks like I’ve just bought it. Sometimes I forget just how good the quality of Korean goods are. The t-shirt is from Uniqlo, found in the men’s section, because that’s where they hide all the good stuff. It will definitely not last me a long time due to profuse sweating in the summer months, but at least it’s affordable and it’s actually really soft and provides all sorts of comfort. Which let’s digress from for a bit because these heels will take a while to get used to. I’m not an everyday heel wearer (Is that a thing?) but when I see photos like this I wish I was. It elevates the look in such an elegant way, which I also feel completes the outfit and gives it that chic, sophisticated look.




Photography by Jeff Simone

See how I styled these trousers in a casual way here.



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