Parisian Chic Outfit & Feeling Confident

The confidence of the french woman is something that I’ve always admired. The everyday ease of outfits, hair and make-up that look effortlessly undone yet sophisticated at the same time. There’s something about the way french women carry themselves that is unmistakable, you can tell they are never trying to be anyone else. Being confident in your own skin can take a very long time. It’s something even I struggle with at times, but looking into the french woman’s approach to style & beauty has given me the impression that it is not what you wear, but how you wear it that has a bigger impact, on others yes, but more importantly on the way you exude self confidence. This look was inspired by these women who carry themselves with confidence and that beauty is not an outward aesthetic, but something within you that resonates when you’re comfortable and confident in your own skin.



By playing on the idea of Parisian street style, I wanted to create an outfit that sits  somewhere in between chic and casual. The trousers are the base for this look. With their chic tailoring that sits just loose enough to provide a somewhat casual effect and the over-sized white shirt that enhances that feel, this is definitely an outfit I feel good in. The shoes are what make this look what it is. I must say that I’ve never been in love with a  pair of shoes more than these. It’s not that they photograph well, or that they utterly complete this look but more because they fit like a glove. These shoes were made for me. They hug me just tight enough that I feel so comfortable in them and because I love how they look on me, I also feel surprisingly confident because of them.



All the accessories were kept within the same colour family. The black and gold aesthetic given off from the handbag and the sunglasses together with the black flats made this look a bit more uniform. The bracelets were gifts and are never off my arm but that subtle hint of colour is perfect. It adds interest to what is essentially a black and white outfit. I love the way it all came together.




Photography by Jeff Simone

Shoes – & other Stories, Trousers – Zara, Scarf – Jaju, Necklace – H&M

The shirt, handbag, sunglasses and earrings were all purchased at local Korean stores in Seoul.


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