The Best of Seoul’s Coffee Shops – October

For all the coffee lovers out there, you’re going to love having a coffee in Seoul. With every new coffee shop that I find, the more I foster my own addiction, and I have good reason – it’s bloody darn good! There’s something about having a coffee in a different place, in an other space, it’s the feeling of finding just what you’re looking for and taking it all in. Here’s my monthly roundup of coffee shops worth trying in Seoul.



All my dreams of all the scones and an extensive menu, this lovely space in Samcheong-dong is nothing short of dreamy. When you walk in, tables of treats sit and wait for you, with an iced flat white to start, service with a smile and interiors to make your photography soul smile, Layered will have your heart. With an array of cakes and scones to choose from, it doesn’t seem like your ordinary coffee shop. I would love to just sit here quietly by the window and feel the warmth of the day shining in, it’s an absolutely beautiful spot.

Under Crema


A lot more minimal and basic, Under Crema offers a smaller collection of beverages but also, just what you need. My favourite thing about Under Crema, other than the coffee of course, is the little bench outside. I think anyone who knows my coffee habits will know that I love a good bench to rest on, sip my flat white and just enjoy people watching on the street. Having a communal bench is perfect for conversations with strangers, which does sound rather creepy but hey, what do you know, I’m a creep. No I’m kidding (what all creeps say) but it does make it easier to chat to people you wouldn’t ordinarily meet. I had a sweet conversation with a young Chinese lady on this bench and it reminded me of being back in Cape Town, where everyone speaks to anyone and you all just share a bench and have your coffee together.

Champ Coffee


When you walk into a place and your friend says “this is so you” then you know you found your spot. Champ Coffee in Itaewon literally looks like there’s no effort put into their interior but it still gives off an ultra cool vibe, with benches outside, a smoking area and amazing coffee, you don’t want to miss this. And if that’s not enough, Champ also sells the most delicious cookies to enjoy your coffee with. It’s such a childish thing but my favourite part is just dipping the dark chocolate cookie into a flat white and I’m living my best life. Happiness comes easy here! It’s also a cool place to check out in the evening as it offers a more relaxed vibe. It’s perfect for just hanging out with a friend on the streets of Seoul.


Read The Coffee Collection – September to keep up to date with my caffeine addiction. Thanks for reading and stay caffeinated!

Directions: Layered – Walk out exit 2 of Anguk station and go straight for a few minutes until you see it on your right. It’s shortly after Starbucks (on the opposite side of the road).

I’ll link the Instagram pages of Champ Coffee and Under Crema for directions. I mean, I could explain it but then we’ll be here all day πŸ™‚

*Photography by Jeff Simone


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