The Best of Seoul’s Coffee Shops – November

There’s something so satisfying about having that first sip of coffee, it’s the cautious sip, so as not to burn your tongue, the heat that it gives, the cream on your lips. The sweet sensation of its mere bitterness that makes you smile. I have a deep relationship with  my coffee, an intimate one, one that has opened me up to the world, to its people, the ones who sit and chat, there at the coffee house who have nothing in common except their love for the cup. This is my world of coffee and this is what makes me happy.

Here are my recommended coffee shops for the month of November.

Fritz Coffee company

Nestled quietly in the streets of Seoul’s Mapo District, Fritz’s charming location will have you at the door. The coffee shop was once a Korean styled house I believe and definitely has that feel as you enter at the gate. It has a lovely outside seating area perfect for warmer days. But in the colder months, the dark wooden tables and yellow lighting will have you feeling cozy and right at home. I used to come here quite a bit on a Sunday morning which was all about that first cup of the day and treating myself at the weekend. For the post cycle rides at sunrise, the Sunday brunch with friends or the girl alone in the corner, Fritz has something for everyone. Their distinct brew will have you certain you’re in one of the best coffee houses in Seoul. The crowds are there to prove it. Amazing baristas and a never ending vibe late into the night, this is most certainly a favourite of mine.


Directions: Mapo Station, exit 3 – walk straight for about 100m until you see the Best Western Premier Hotel on your right. Turn right at the corner. You’ll see a side street on the opposite side of the road where Fritz is located. You can’t miss that house!


Bean Brothers

A more recent coffee shop to my list is this uber cool joint around Hapjeong. Bean Brothers has some form of Come as you are vibe, Nevermind. It’s pretty laid back, dark and just the way I like my coffee shops, nothing pretty to see here, it’s all about the coffee. It has many industrial features  which create an almost grunge retro look. It’s pretty  awesome.


The first time I walked into Bean Brothers I knew I’d come back. You can’t beat great service. Bean Brothers will give you something more than you bargained for- service with a smile, hand drip coffee on the house, and baristas just having a great time behind the counter. There’s definitely a vibe here! Now, for the coffee. You have a selection of beans to choose from, each of which you can smell before hand. I love this feature, as you can taste the coffee just by having a whiff of the beans, and you also get a hint of the acidity levels in it. My personal preference  is the JB roast from Costa Rica for my flat white. For coffee without any milk, I’d go for the James roast. Also try their One on One (or One plus One) honestly I can’t remember the name but it’s basically an espresso with a miniature latte and it’s really good! Even their treats are amazing, baked in house too! I think you’d spend more time here than you have available. I love everything about this place.

Directions: Hapjeong station, exit 7 – Turn left onto the road at Holly’s Coffee and walk straight until you’ve reached the end. Make a left and walk straight for approximately 6mins. Bean Brothers will be on your left hand side in a 2 story white building opposite the GS25.


Belief Coffee Roasters

Hidden behind Mecenatpolis Mall you’ll find Belief Coffee Roasters, yet another Hapjeong gem. Similar to Bean Brothers, Belief is rather big for a Seoul coffee shop. The atmosphere is suited for everyone, whether you’re having a meeting, studying or just enjoying your coffee at the window with the day’s paper, it certainly has its own charm.  But it’s also a bit of a quiet one, a bit more of a working space than a popular hangout spot. Either way, it’s a great place to have your coffee and some brownies.


The coffee at Belief I’ll down in about 2 seconds and immediately crave a second cup. I’m usually quite slow at drinking basically any beverage on earth but for some reason, this was the exception. Oh right, because it’s bloody good! Staff are really welcoming as well, quite warm and inviting. They even let Jeff film them making coffee which was much appreciated. Also, if you’re one for photos, you might want to get here when their doors open before the groups descend upon the tables with the best lighting.


Directions: Hapjeong station – between exit 9 and 10 is the Mecenatpolis Mall. Walk through the mall, past GAP and across the fountain area where you’ll see a back entrance to the mall. Walk straight out and you’ll see Belief across the road.


For more on The Coffee Collection, check out last month’s post as well as Jeff Simone’s video of our trips to those coffee shops!

Thanks so much for reading!


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