The Best of Seoul’s Coffee Shops – September

Okay, so this post is coming to you a bit late but hey, I’ve committed so here it is! The Coffee Collection is a monthly series that I’m starting, and it will give you the lowdown of all the coffee shops I’ve tried and loved for a particular month. Since this is the first blog post in the series, you’ll notice that I’ve been having my coffee at these places for longer than a month  but these are some of my favourite coffee shops in Seoul. Yes, I am in Seoul so unless I’m travelling or doing a specific post on coffee shops in other places, Seoul will be the base for now. Seoul has no shortage of barista champs and award winning coffee blends so I hope you explore with me the incredible coffee culture of this inspiring city!

So here it goes, my first recommended list of coffee shops in Seoul for the month of September. Enjoy!

Hwang Jakga Coffee (Eungam)

My everyday caffeine fix and the best coffee hands down in this neighbourhood of Seoul. Hwang Jakga Coffee offers more of a quiet vibe if you’re looking for a place to work. The coffee is reasonably priced at around 4500won and you get a 1000won takeout discount. Also, they do an amazing green tea latte! Service is great as well and the guys will remember your order. The coffee shop is open year round, including Chuseok holiday and it’s a life saver from the surrounding cafe franchises popping up around Eungam.





Directions: Eungam station, exit 4 – turn around and turn right after the elevator. Walk straight for about 200m until you see it on your right. It’s right opposite E-mart.

Fuse Coffee (Hongdae)

Nestled on the quiet side of Hongdae, Fuse Coffee offers something a bit more interesting than your usual cup. The space itself is quite calming and quiet, and with daily newspapers on hand, it has that classic coffee & the paper style. Its interior is also one to photograph, as it gives off a minimal feel to the place which is in sync with the overall atmosphere of the coffee shop. Service again, is good and I’d happily go back again and again.



Directions: How about I just link you to their Instagram page here? πŸ™‚

5 extracts (Itaewon)

Definitely my weekend spot and probably the coffee shop I take the most pictures at, 5 extracts had me since my very first cup. I think I’ve been going to 5 extracts for almost a year now and there’s a reason – award winning barista and just a super chilled vibe to keep you there chatting for hours. They also have treats!



Directions: Itaewon station, exit 3 – walk straight past the Cheil building for about 150m. It will be on your right, opposite Starbucks.

Low Coffee (Hannam)

Probably my favourite place to have a flat white (bold statement I know) is this tiny nook  called Low Coffee. You might just walk straight past this little coffee shop as it’s about shoulder height when you’re passing by in the street.

“What is this? A centre for ants!”

But fear not my tall ones, or just average height ones, it’s all an illusion for we can all fit inside magically. Okay, I’m joking, it just has a basement like effect. But the coffee here is of the best I’ve tried in Seoul and their milk tea too, albeit a bit pricey considering the size, but equally as delicious. And did I forget about there treats? How dare I, they are so good! Basil pesto on bread has me every time! Low Coffee is well worth a try!



Directions: Again, I will link there Instagram page here!

Tailor Coffee (Hongdae)

Ah Tailor seems to be the popular coffee shop in Hongdae, with people waiting for them to open their doors (myself included) and the waiting line to get a table can get rather long, even though their space is quite big. So what is everyone queuing for? The pumpkin pie! Jokes πŸ™‚ but they are spoiling us with those pies, absolutely delightful. The menu offers a great selection of various drinks, great for both coffee snobs and uhh..tea people. I must admit, their royal milk tea is instantly gratifying and comforting to drink. But there coffee is why I’m there (okay, and the pumpkin pie). The flat white seriously packs a punch – it’s bitterly strong, just the way I like my coffee in the morning. Definitely a place to check out in Seoul.



Some of these photos got deleted my accident. Apologies!



Directions: It’s not complicated, I’m just terrible at giving them. Find them on Instagram!

So that’s my roundup of coffee shops for September. Join me again at the end of the month for my October post with brand new coffee shops! I hope you enjoyed this post πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading!



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