Money & Travel – Seeing the Big Picture

I was 20 when I  made the decision to live abroad. I can even remember the moment itself, the clear night, stars out, moon’s bright, the open window where I sat dreaming of a bigger life. It’s almost cliche. But the desire to see more of this world and the realisation that it was moreContinue reading “Money & Travel – Seeing the Big Picture”

About Feeling Alone in a New Place

The feeling of loneliness doesn’t surprise me. It sort of comes with living on your own and moving abroad. It happens. Some days you feel it creep in beneath you and some days you are elated that you’re alone. It’s a mix bag of feelings that you tend to ride as life ebbs and flows,Continue reading “About Feeling Alone in a New Place”

Lazy Sunday Morning in Seoul

I think by now we all have a Sunday morning routine. My Sundays back in Cape Town were all about brunching at good coffee shops with the girls and basically just enjoying the company of friends. Moving to Korea has obviously changed this as the idea of avo toast with a flat white is surprisinglyContinue reading “Lazy Sunday Morning in Seoul”

A Winter Indoors – Lifestyle Post

This winter has been brutal. I wish I was exaggerating the cold we’ve experienced in Seoul but -17 Degrees Celsius would have anyone fearing a step outside. So that’s why I’ve opted to stay indoors and soak up the heat of my underfloor heating and some candles to get me through the days. Staying indoorsContinue reading “A Winter Indoors – Lifestyle Post”

Catching the Sunrise in Seoul

There are so many things I wish I could do with my time and so many places I’d like to see but most of all, and I think inside of us all, is a person we’re striving to be. And there could be many facets within that alone, but building on your own character andContinue reading “Catching the Sunrise in Seoul”

Yeongwol South Korea – The Middle of Nowhere

I suddenly felt the urge to run back to the village, the  one hidden between the mountain slopes and old valley roads where nobody knows, the one enveloped by dry tree tops  shy of its bare branches looking sullen and bowed, where each of them mourn the loss of the young king laid to rest.Continue reading “Yeongwol South Korea – The Middle of Nowhere”

Teach Abroad – Surviving Korea’s Last Minute Culture

If you’re someone who’s well organised, a perfectionist or German then working in South Korea might just be the thing which drives you off the edge. The Korean working environment is no doubt a professional work place but their last minute culture will turn you into a flexible teacher in no time. Your class schedulesContinue reading “Teach Abroad – Surviving Korea’s Last Minute Culture”