90s Inspired Grunge ft. Olivia from Livbombs.com

Being a 90s kid had quite a bit of attitude attached to it through main stream media. I grew up dancing along to the Spice Girls, playing Power Rangers and wearing pink jelly babies, not sure what the attitude was there but let’s move on. Though that was a lot of fun at the time,Continue reading “90s Inspired Grunge ft. Olivia from Livbombs.com”

90s Inspired Fashion ft. Olivia from Livbombs.com

This year I’m planning to do more style posts inspired by places, decades, movements and books I’m reading, taking in everything that I’m absorbing and letting that filter onto the blog and just playing around with fashion and enjoying it. This post is all about drawing inspiration from the 90s, which has had many fashionContinue reading “90s Inspired Fashion ft. Olivia from Livbombs.com”

Seeking Adventure 2018

Happy 2018 everybody! Can I still say that seeing that it’s basically February already? January has been as relaxing as it’s been stressful, with ongoing work schedules throughout the new year period and a well deserved break thereafter I finally feel refreshed and ready for the new year (even though one month has already passedContinue reading “Seeking Adventure 2018”

Finding your own Style

For the past few months I’ve been thinking about my own personal style and trying to pin it down to something specific. This proved to be really hard seeing as I’m someone who dresses around my mood for most of the year, except in winter when I dress to be warm. But none of thisContinue reading “Finding your own Style”

How to Style a Slip Dress in Fall/Winter

If you’re someone who’s not looking into buying clothes right now or just struggling to adjust your summer wardrobe in the colder months then hey, here’s a blog post for you! I’ve been pushing my current wardrobe to its limit by not adding anything new to it and seeing what ensemble I can throw onContinue reading “How to Style a Slip Dress in Fall/Winter”

Seoul’s Street Style Inspired my Outfits

First I drink the coffee, then I do the things Recently I’ve been trying out various coffee shops in Seoul for a blog series that I’m doing. I’ve stumbled upon a few amazing places and because I couldn’t wait another week to do my monthly roundup I thought I’d share some photos with you asContinue reading “Seoul’s Street Style Inspired my Outfits”

Autumn in South Korea – The Best Time to Travel

The best time to visit Korea is now! Autumn has finally begun and the sunflower fields have graced us with its beauty. We are well in to flower festivals and soon our streets will be an array of autumnal hues, with brown, orange, yellow and red leaves creating a picturesque view. Seoul has an abundanceContinue reading “Autumn in South Korea – The Best Time to Travel”

Poem – You are always in my forever

You are always in my forever – and that’s where you’ll stay, eyes wide awake to the sounds of laughter, there in the tiny room, hidden in the never ending passage of my mind. Now my head spins as I lie awake restless, intoxicated by the scented wax burning, my mind numb by the constantContinue reading “Poem – You are always in my forever”

Seoul’s Shopping Districts

Hi, I’m Gameema and I’m a shopaholic. OK, maybe not all the time, but sometimes, when I have some cash money and depression that only retail therapy can cure. But if you are a shopaholic then I’m going to be your enabler. And if you aren’t completely addicted to shopping then you haven’t been toContinue reading “Seoul’s Shopping Districts”