A Winter Indoors – Lifestyle Post

This winter has been brutal. I wish I was exaggerating the cold we’ve experienced in Seoul but -17 Degrees Celsius would have anyone fearing a step outside. So that’s why I’ve opted to stay indoors and soak up the heat of my underfloor heating and some candles to get me through the days. Staying indoorsContinue reading “A Winter Indoors – Lifestyle Post”

Style Timberland Boots 4 Ways

They must be the chunkiest boots on the face of this earth but these Timberlands don’t necessarily need to be styled casually. Though they are often associated with an outdoorsy sort of comfort in style look, I thought I’d pair them with various outfits in my wardrobe, none of which fit the classic Timberland adContinue reading “Style Timberland Boots 4 Ways”

Finding your own Style

For the past few months I’ve been thinking about my own personal style and trying to pin it down to something specific. This proved to be really hard seeing as I’m someone who dresses around my mood for most of the year, except in winter when I dress to be warm. But none of thisContinue reading “Finding your own Style”

Winter Fashion Ideas & Shopping your Wardrobe

I’ve never been one to spend large amounts of money on clothes. Skincare maybe, but I’d always take my money to a vintage store and get something that I really liked instead of giving in to fast fashion. Where I have spent a bit more, I felt it was worth it as there are aContinue reading “Winter Fashion Ideas & Shopping your Wardrobe”

How to Style a Slip Dress in Fall/Winter

If you’re someone who’s not looking into buying clothes right now or just struggling to adjust your summer wardrobe in the colder months then hey, here’s a blog post for you! I’ve been pushing my current wardrobe to its limit by not adding anything new to it and seeing what ensemble I can throw onContinue reading “How to Style a Slip Dress in Fall/Winter”

Thoughts on Seoul Fashion Week

This weekend we witnessed the last of SFW Spring/Summer 2018 and all of the fandom and excitement that came with it. I think I’m still a bit buzzed by the atmosphere at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza or DDP as it was an exhilarating and equally exhausting experience but one I would definitely remember for manyContinue reading “Thoughts on Seoul Fashion Week”

Seoul’s Street Style Inspired my Outfits

First I drink the coffee, then I do the things Recently I’ve been trying out various coffee shops in Seoul for a blog series that I’m doing. I’ve stumbled upon a few amazing places and because I couldn’t wait another week to do my monthly roundup I thought I’d share some photos with you asContinue reading “Seoul’s Street Style Inspired my Outfits”

Autumn Outfit Inspiration – Sweater Weather, Blazers & Things

I think I may have romanticised the moment fall arrived a bit too much. We just got hit with single digit temperatures in the mornings so sweater weather is finally here! At first, layering pieces seemed like a dream but the bitter cold mornings have me grabbing every item of clothing all at once. IContinue reading “Autumn Outfit Inspiration – Sweater Weather, Blazers & Things”

Modest Summer Outfits & Turban Hijab Styles

This month in outfits has been a series of surprising events. We had hoped for cooler temperatures and sweater weather considering it is, you know, October, but the heat is still with us here in Seoul. And every time I think it’s going to leave us it always comes back! So here’s not much inspirationContinue reading “Modest Summer Outfits & Turban Hijab Styles”

Autumn Outfit Inspiration & Transitional Pieces

Aahhh Autumn…my favourite time of year is upon us. There’s nothing better than saying goodbye to humid summer nights and waking up to a rustle from the morning breeze. Taking strolls around the city now seem pleasurable and before we know it, our long awaited picturesque trees of red & orange leaves will decorate ourContinue reading “Autumn Outfit Inspiration & Transitional Pieces”