Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

So this is a pleasant surprise! Or I got nominated by accident, probably the latter but let’s think positive thoughts! It’s rather  thrilling being part of a virtual sisterhood and being nominated for an award. It’s a great feeling to be recognised by other bloggers  especially since my blog is so young. It’s almost 3Continue reading “Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award”

Seoul’s Shopping Districts

Hi, I’m Gameema and I’m a shopaholic. OK, maybe not all the time, but sometimes, when I have some cash money and depression that only retail therapy can cure. But if you are a shopaholic then I’m going to be your enabler. And if you aren’t completely addicted to shopping then you haven’t been toContinue reading “Seoul’s Shopping Districts”

Hiking in South Korea & Temple Visit

I could never put down to words the best moments I’ve had on my travels. Or even the worst for that matter. Each experience, good or bad has had a positive outcome. I don’t think I remember everything I did whilst travelling, or every single place I’ve visited. There are only memories, some more vividContinue reading “Hiking in South Korea & Temple Visit”

Teach Abroad – Surviving Korea’s Last Minute Culture

If you’re someone who’s well organised, a perfectionist or German then working in South Korea might just be the thing which drives you off the edge. The Korean working environment is no doubt a professional work place but their last minute culture will turn you into a flexible teacher in no time. Your class schedulesContinue reading “Teach Abroad – Surviving Korea’s Last Minute Culture”

Teach Abroad – Life in the Korean Countryside

At some point in your life, this thought will cross your mind. How long you entertain it is up to your level of boredom in your current position. When I think of moving abroad, even today, I still imagine comfortable living. I picture a spacious apartment located in the swing of things, with a coffeeContinue reading “Teach Abroad – Life in the Korean Countryside”

In Flight Skincare Routine

Travelling can be a blast! An eventful nonstop journey of sightseeing, culture, food and of course, shopping! But long haul flights can really dampen your mood when you arrive at your destination and your skin is going through World War Three with itself. Taking care of your skin on flights is essential. Think of allContinue reading “In Flight Skincare Routine”