An Anxious Mind

I don’t know when it starts. Just this feeling comes over me and suddenly things have changed. Suddenly it’s not right anymore. You go through everything and it feels just the same. There’s no event, no trigger, just the images dancing around your mind as if you’re still lost there, still scared there. Now there’sContinue reading “An Anxious Mind”

Yeongwol South Korea – The Middle of Nowhere

I suddenly felt the urge to run back to the village, the  one hidden between the mountain slopes and old valley roads where nobody knows, the one enveloped by dry tree tops  shy of its bare branches looking sullen and bowed, where each of them mourn the loss of the young king laid to rest.Continue reading “Yeongwol South Korea – The Middle of Nowhere”

Seoul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza

I don’t actually know how to begin this blog post so I opted to start off with this sad truth of a sentence. I read that you should never begin a post by stating your inability to do or to have done something so I guess I went against the laws of blogging.I kid! thereContinue reading “Seoul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza”

A Bohemian Festival Outfit

One of my favourite pieces for the in between seasons has been these beautifully tailored rich brown culottes, which I’ve been wearing copiously towards the end of summer. And even though autumn has arrived, and woken us to the ever so chilly mornings, I wouldn’t store these sweet pants away just yet as the fabricContinue reading “A Bohemian Festival Outfit”

Visiting Istanbul’s Famous Mosques

So often in life we wish things were over, that time passes quickly so we can move on to the next hour or the next day. We spend our days counting down the clock  or completely mindless in heaps of work that we don’t stop until it’s too late. I find the hardest part ofContinue reading “Visiting Istanbul’s Famous Mosques”