Sunset over the City

I’ve never seen a sunset that wasn’t pretty, that never made me stop in awe of it, and as with a lot of you I’m sure, sunsets are something you always remember. I remember seeing the sunset in Saudi Arabia on a bus ride from the city of Medina to the holy city of Mecca. I remember seeing the sunset whilst boarding a plane at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul and I even remember seeing it in photos, not all my own photographs, but the shared memories of others who catch the light in its golden hour. Yet something about this moment feels like an in-between-ess of something sad and something delightful. A momentary recognition that something is ending, that time passes and that the beauty too, will give way to something else. The temporary is evident, and fleeting, yet we pause through it, spellbound by its majesty and then we turn away, afraid to see it leave us completely. Time feels like sunset in some way. We stall throughout our passing life when it’s just but a flash, a spark of something that was beautiful, but is ending.







Photography by Yours Truly and Jeff Simone  ❀


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