Get the Best of Busan’s Beaches South Korea

Busan boasts some of South Korea’s most popular beaches, with Haeundae Beach probably being its main attraction. To see the best of Busan you don’t need to visit all of its beaches, though that’s not a bad idea at all. But having different experiences at these beaches can make for a lifetime of memories.

Here are are some of my top recommendations!

Catch the Sunrise

By far one of my favourite activities is catching the sunrise, and that be anywhere in the world, so this was at the top of my list of things to do in Busan, and what a worthy treat this was. There’s something about seeing the sunrise over water that always grabs me, even more so than seeing it anywhere else. It’s seeing the calm before the storm, before the rush begins for the day and the noise takes over, before we get so consumed in our stresses and affairs that having these moments to feel at peace is incredibly beautiful and memorable.






Take a Cruise

From sunrise to sunset, being on a boat in foreign countries is something I always do. And what better time to take a cruise than at sunset. This cruise was from Haeundae Beach to Dokdo Island and it was absolutely beautiful. You also get a chance to feed all the seagulls, or just photograph everyone else doing it if you’re anything like me. It’s also interesting to see the city from a distance, kind of like when you’re up in the air just about to land and everything feels so quiet. I enjoyed every minute of this trip and I highly recommend  taking the sunset cruise.





Seeing the Fireworks

Ahh the magic of fireworks! I grew up celebrating Guy Fawks Day and seeing fireworks always brings me such joy. Experiencing it at Haeundae Beach on my birthday was pretty epic. I must apologise for the lack of images thereof. I would say I was caught in the moment but I honestly just took a video of it instead. There was so much to see after sunset. The moon was incredible from the shoreline, the lights from all the hotels, the light display at the beach providing us with undeniable pink hues and just the atmosphere was somewhat playful and whimsical. Honestly, I blame the pink hearts for this. But being at the beach at different times of day really gives you a different experience.






Nightlife at Gwangalli Beach

A lot busier than the Haeundae beach front, Gwangalli beach seems to be where the party’s at. Far from your peaceful retreat, if you fancy nightlife neighbourhoods then grabbing a drink near Gwangalli beach will suit you better. It’s a lot more crowded in this area, with cafes, bars and restaurants lining the street giving you a perfect view of all the lights reflecting off the water from Gwangandaegyo Bridge. It is without a doubt, a beautiful view.






If you haven’t noticed, I have not mentioned anything about swimming at any of these beautiful beaches because, well, this is Korea, and nobody swims at the beach here.

Hope you enjoyed this post ❤


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