10 Piece Spring Capsule Wardrobe


The Capsule Wardrobe seems to have been the thing last year as more and more bloggers and digital influencers shared their own version of the idea according to their own personal style. It all ranged from 30+ pieces down to the teens, all meticulously categorised into types of pieces and more or less how many pieces in each category you would need. Though the information can become a tad overwhelming I think the less you think about the rules, the easier it is to form your outfits. I haven’t seen any posts featuring this few items in a CW so I thought I’d share just how easy it is to create one with classic pieces you probably already own.


I think it’s safe to say that I’m not a big spender when it comes to clothes (even though this blog is now fashion based) but I enjoy a more minimal approach to style and I love how natural this process became once I found key pieces I knew I would wear on the daily. Funny enough, my CW was created while working on a different blog post, when picking out outfits to shoot, I found how easily things paired together in my own wardrobe, which meant two things: Firstly, I already had a CW within my own closet, I just had all this other bulk of clothes distracting me from the pieces I love to wear, and secondly, that I didn’t need to buy anything new.  I especially love this natural formation instead of buying in to the hype and doing a shop for it because it feels so comfortable for me to wear all of these looks and also to know that this is an extension of my own sense of style. I find it interesting to see my own style evolution unfolding through this blog.


*Sidenote – The 10 Piece CW does not include accessories, so my headscarf, handbag, belt  & sunglasses are not on the list.

Here are the 10 pieces I chose for my Spring CW and how I styled them on paper:

  1. Blue Jeans
  2. Black Trousers
  3. White Shirt
  4. Black Blouse
  5. Printed Skirt
  6. Striped Sweater
  7. Black Blazer
  8. Black Leather Jacket
  9. Black Flats
  10. Adidas Trainers


1. Blue jeans, white shirt & adidas

2. Blue jeans, white shirt, blazer & adidas

3. Blue jeans, striped sweater & flats

4. Blue jeans, black blouse & flats

5. Blue jeans, black blouse, leather jacket & flats




6. Black trousers, white shirt & flats

7. Black trousers, striped sweater, leather jacket & flats

8. Printed skirt, striped sweater & flats

9. Printed skirt, black blouse &  flats

10. Printed skirt, black blouse, leather jacket & flats



All of the combinations have not been listed because they have not been photographed but I’m sure you can find them all. As you can see, it’s so easy to create outfits from the list, all of which would suit the the places I attend in my daily life, whether that be coffee dates, my day job, evenings out with friends, they suit them all. I cannot wait for Spring to actually wear these out IRL. I had an amazing time shooting these looks as well! I hope you’ve found this post useful and that you can see how doable and easy the capsule wardrobe actually is! Have a good day everybody! ❤

Photography by the incredible Jeff Simone, who I honestly cannot thank enough for all of these photos which were so beautifully taken. Please show him your support!


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