Parisian Chic – Breton Stripes & a Red Lip


What would a French inspired outfit be without a striped top and a red lip? I’ve been keen on wearing this look for the longest time and something about the time now feels right. Probably because it’s more in sync with my own style rather than playing dress up. I feel that this is a perfect weekend outfit. It’s something that is so relaxed and effortless, and with that pop of red on the lips, oui oui madame!




Ah blue jeans and a striped sweater! If this is not a Parisian look then what is! Blue jeans can instantly make an outfit quite casual, but choosing a sweater over a T-shirt makes it feel a bit more chic. It’s a very simple look, one that can be easily pulled off. I think the key is that none of the pieces fit too tightly. These jeans are 100% cotton, they have zero stretch in them which means that the thicker fabric adds a bit more weight that gives it a vintage vibe. The sweater hangs quite loosely as well which can look slightly unflattering at times but it’s so cozy and comfortable that you don’t mind working with it.




As usual, I’ve kept my all black accessories including my new favourite flats, inspired by Parisian women themselves, this has got to be my favourite look I may have ever posted!

What I’ve learned from doing these French inspired style posts is that simplicity is effortless, tailoring is your best friend and less is always, always, more! I’ve been enjoying these posts so much and I hope you are as well. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve taken something away from these looks too!

Photography by Jeff Simone


Shoes and Jeans from & other Stories

Everything else was purchased at local Korean stores in Seoul


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