Parisian Inspired Street Style


The streets, the fashion, the cafe’s and the Insta feed of dreams has finally made me look into a french wardrobe. Inspired by the street style of Parisian women and the timeless pieces, I’m amazed by how just a few key pieces make an entire wardrobe look so chic and really easy to throw on in the morning. I may have gone typically French in these photos but I do love this look and how it elevates my own personal style.




Okay, so the key pieces for this look would be tailored pants, ballerina flats and a striped pullover. Sorry but I couldn’t resist! It’s all about the stripes, isn’t it? When I saw this sweater in store I knew it was the one. I’ve specifically chosen a black and white stripe over a blue and white one because that was just my own personal preference. The leather jacket as well, it was something that’s more of a personal touch than a carbon copy but still quite classic. I mean these trousers with their tapered ankle just adds a sophistication. It’s a clean cut, chic looking pair of pants and I’ve been living in them. And the shoes, the Parisian woman’s ballet flats to run around the streets has made me love this pair even more. Though they are not a ballerina pump, they still fit in perfectly with the concept but even more so, elevates my everyday look to one of sophistication and ease.



Simplifying my outfits by making them slightly more uniform, has made for easy dressing in the morning. These trousers can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and has replaced my need for black skinny jeans. The shoes, the handbag, sunglasses and my black headscarf are now my staple accessories and because they work really well together, I feel rather put together in this look. But with the uber cool leather jacket to throw on balances out the outfit and makes it one that is effortlessly casual and chic.

Merci ❤


Photography by Jeff Simone

H&M leather jacket, Zara suede trousers, & other Stories shoes

Everything else was purchased at local Korean stores in Seoul


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