90s Inspired Grunge ft. Olivia from Livbombs.com

Being a 90s kid had quite a bit of attitude attached to it through main stream media. I grew up dancing along to the Spice Girls, playing Power Rangers and wearing pink jelly babies, not sure what the attitude was there but let’s move on. Though that was a lot of fun at the time, the grunge look hit me much later in my teens and stayed with me all throughout university. But I’d say it’s the look I’ve loved the most. Not because I thought I looked cool, but because that’s the way I identified myself through fashion. And that’s why I personally love this look I shot with Livbombs.com.


It’s all biker jackets, jeans and basically just the darkness. An edgier street look, completed with chunky boots and deep burgundy lips and that cold morning air to add to the atmosphere. Looking like two proper children of goth, Liv has made me relive my uni days in this outfit, where it was all hoodies, leather jackets and beaten old converse. So I changed a few things here and there. Replaced the all stars with a pair of timbs because it’s an ice cold winter right now, added some shadow on the eyes instead of sporting a straight black eye-pencil and my 90s inspired look was complete!



I really like these outfits. Partly because we’re surprisingly in sync without much oufit-splaining before the shoot and partly because I look at these photos and I see myself. That may sound a bit strange, but do you ever look at photographs and see yourself in someone else’s clothes? Like you saw a photo you liked, or you’ve been following a blogger online and then imitated their style? I’m guilty of that myself. That’s why I really love this look, because it feels like I’m just being myself, a deeper darker version maybe, but still myself. And this is when I love blogging about fashion, when it gives me a way of experimenting with different looks and finding the ones that mean something, the ones that tell a story.

A big thank you to Liv for being my partner in crime. I hope this post inspired you in some way. You can follow Liv and all of her beautiful stories on her blog. DSC05546


Photography by Jeff Simone

Liv’s outfit: Levi’s jeans, Zara boots, Forever 21 top & 3ce lipstick (#117 chicful)

My outfit: & other Stories jeans, Timberland boots, H&M leather jacket & Mamonde lip tint (10. midnight singer) with MAC lip liner in Nightmoth.


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