90s Inspired Fashion ft. Olivia from Livbombs.com

This year I’m planning to do more style posts inspired by places, decades, movements and books I’m reading, taking in everything that I’m absorbing and letting that filter onto the blog and just playing around with fashion and enjoying it. This post is all about drawing inspiration from the 90s, which has had many fashion trends, far too many to put into blog posts, but one thing that got me into this look was re-watching Friends episodes over the holidays. I didn’t realise how much of a Monica I am but that somehow makes me weirdly happy.

I’ve asked my friend Olivia from Livbombs.com to collaborate with me on this shoot seeing that we both enjoy blogging and taking photos, but also because I knew I’d have a great time with her. What we didn’t realise a month back when discussing the idea, was the incredibly cold wave we would experience here in Seoul. The morning of the shoot was about -15 degrees Celsius and I couldn’t be happier that I had someone as crazy as me to stand out in the cold to take photos with. Minus the freezing temperatures, the day turned out to be filled with laughter and looking at these photos can only make me smile.



We went for the the classic jeans and a t-shirt look which surprisingly takes a bit of thought to get right. Blue jeans seemed befitting of the time, nothing too tight as the mom jeans or more baggy styled jeans was more the trend which can I just say, that Liv absolutely nailed this look. Her low rise baggy Levi’s jeans with a vintage tee gives off such an effortless vibe to it that it takes me back to the days of drinking redbull and dancing around to your favourite alternative rock group. There’s something so nostalgic about it that it makes me remember a sillier version of myself, someone way more emo and angst that need be which now just makes me laugh out loud.


Leather jacket by H&M


Trying to find the perfect tee for this look was a lot of fun. I mean, shopping for my blog posts is my favourite thing because I can then justify new purchases. It’s safe to say that none of my pieces are vintage but I didn’t want them to look new either. That’s why I opted for a cream T-shirt over a plain white tee to pay homage to that off white lived in look. This t-shirt from H&M was solid. It’s boxy on the upper half and quite a soft fabric which can hang a bit baggy on you. It’s quite roomy and really comfortable, just a relaxed tee to pair with a skirt or some jeans. Mine are from & other Stories which is a skinny but because it leans more straight at the ankle and is 100% cotton, all the fabric gives an illusion of a mom jeans.




The leather jacket felt like a natural addition, something to complete the look. And on this particular day, it saved both of us from dying by the cold winds that wouldn’t allow us to retake any photos. But there’s something about that that I liked in the end. The imperfection of the photos, the shivers and the laughs which just resembled what the day was really like. It’s not like looking at blog photos, but looking at photos of a day I’d like to keep in memory. I never thought blogging would create friendships, but I’m so glad that it has, because this girl will stand by my side, come rain or shine, or you know, -15 degrees.

Check out Liv’s blog here


Photography by Jeff Simone




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