Lazy Sunday Morning in Seoul

I think by now we all have a Sunday morning routine. My Sundays back in Cape Town were all about brunching at good coffee shops with the girls and basically just enjoying the company of friends. Moving to Korea has obviously changed this as the idea of avo toast with a flat white is surprisingly hard to come by. And it’s not easy to build those friendships over night. Speaking of which, spending a Sunday morning with Jeff at a cafe soaking up whatever sunshine we could get, was just so easy. And this cafe early on a Sunday morning was perfect. Not because it wasn’t crowded or because it sold baked goods but because it was reminiscent of something that I had missed without even realising.




Wood & Brick Cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul

The cafe had an abundance of light streaming in. Bear in mind we are at below freezing temperatures here in Seoul so warmth is much appreciated and never taken for granted. There was just something about the light, about the mood, the coffee and friendship that put me in good spirits. It was having brunch with a friend and indulging in coffee that made me feel all the more at ease. There were no scrambled eggs or avocado toast but they did have some good bread and a very relaxed vibe. I’ve already been back to this cafe, without Jeff, and I was missing something. I must say, I didn’t realise just how much I miss those Sunday mornings out with friends. Here are more photos we took at the cafe.




Photography by Jeff Simone

What’s your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?


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