A Winter Indoors – Lifestyle Post

This winter has been brutal. I wish I was exaggerating the cold we’ve experienced in Seoul but -17 Degrees Celsius would have anyone fearing a step outside. So that’s why I’ve opted to stay indoors and soak up the heat of my underfloor heating and some candles to get me through the days. Staying indoors for a long time can easily make you feel sluggish and unproductive. With a serious lack of fresh air and vitamin D, it could also have you feeling a bit ill. Here are a few things I’ve done to keep up energy levels and have me in a good mood when I’m stuck inside a room.



The first thing I did was get my apartment ready. I knew I would spend a long time inside my place so I wanted it to look presentable. I’ve scurried around the streets of Seoul to find the perfect Moroccan carpets and obviously found none. But when you’re that enthusiastic, you will find something that makes you happy. I bought a couple of prayer mats from a small store in Itaewon, basically stalked the owner while he was praying at the mosque waiting for him to open up shop and with all that weirdness, found myself in an underground storeroom filled with piles and piles of prayer mats from all over the world. Some of them do resemble the rugs I was looking for. There were even hand woven rugs from Afghanistan but my budget wouldn’t allow me to splurge on that. Once my rugs were in place, I sorted out a few other things, a plant to give life to a dull room, soft white winter bedding to call me to comfort and scented candles to give extra warmth, coziness and a hell of a good scent to the room.



I think it’s important, when you know you’re staying indoors, to get ready the way you would as if you were going out. So taking your morning shower, doing your skincare routine, putting on your make-up, picking an outfit and making a good breakfast & a good cup of coffee. This way, you’ll feel ready for the day and it reduces that urge to get back in bed. I love doing my skincare routine and choosing an outfit to wear in the house, because I know I won’t be weighed down by a thousand layers and I have more options of what to wear. I do however want to look casually chic when I’m in the house. Sweats or pajamas are not an option. You dress how you want to feel. And I want to feel put together and relaxed. So here are my go-to outfits when I’m spending the day at home.







I think we can all agree that having a good breakfast uplifts us in the morning. I like to start my day with some fruit, even when it is with nutella or just have it in a giant bowl pictured below. But these simple steps can make you feel good when the weather outside makes you feel otherwise. I would highly suggest you keep active and get your blood flowing by doing exercise and drinking loads of water. Luckily for me, my yoga studio is close to my apartment so I can run to and fro but you can easily do an at home workout. It gives your day a schedule so you’re time doesn’t mesh into one and before you know it, you’ve done absolutely nothing for the day. Having allotted times for meals and workouts or reading, and maybe even blogging is a great way to stay sane indoors.



Hope you enjoyed this post and have a good week!


Outfit Details: Jeans – & other Stories, Black high neck – indi brand, Kimono – Cotton On, White T-shirt – Uniqlo (men’s section) & White shirt – Roem.

Photography by Jeff Simone


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